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Q: Is there a danger to parrots from orange oil in natural cleansers or formulated pellets in terms of toxicity or causticness?
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What are some natural colon cleansers?

One natural colon cleanser is the product Colon Cleanse ColoThin that is supposed to help one to lose weight. There is no scientific study that natural colon cleansers actually have any positive effect.

Did Darwin believe in natural selection?

Yes, he did: he formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Who was the English natural philosopher who formulated the law of elasticity in 1676?


How is natural law formulated like science?

I believe Natural Law cannot be formulated but instead observed and applied. To formulate, you would need to apply boundaries and limitations to something with a limitless nature.

What natural products are considered to be good colon cleansers?

There are many foods which can be effective colon cleansers. Some of these foods include mangoes, probiotic yogurt, flax seed, apples. and blueberries.

Which scientist formulated the theory of evolution through natural selection?

Charles Darwin

Does pimple cleanser effective?

Cleansers are effective but they should not have the chemicals in the ingredients. Acne cleansers as well as acne treatments must be natural because antibiotics and chemicals can only be used for very short period of time.

What are the things which Indians used as a natural pesticide?

haha.. i'm not an indian but i think they use plants that have high toxicity.. dyuks

Who developed the evolution theory?

Charles Darwin was the first and notable scientist who formulated a theory of evolution which he called the natural selection.

What are some all natural facial cleansing products?

Burt's Bees offers a plethora of products that are all natural. These include facial cleansers, acne purifying gel, facial cleansing towelettes, and creams.

Which are the most natural face cleansers?

Neutrogena, Aveeno, are a few of the natural face cleanser brand. One can make your own face cleanser by using honey. Honey is an excellence cleanser for every skin type.

What type of products are in the Korres Natural Products line?

Korres manufacture a line of natural beauty products including bath preparations, cleansers and facial products and make up. They also have a range of herbal supplements.

Who is the theory of evolution credited to?

The theory of evolution by means of natural selection was formulated by Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.

How organic farming is beneficial?

Organic Farming is a form of agriculture that strives to use natural forms of fertilization and pesticides. Some of the benefits are that the natural items cause less toxicity in the foods for consumption.

What was Charles Darwin contibution to psychology?

He formulated the principle of natural selection, intersexual selection and intrasexual selection which all contributed to the study of evolution.

Where can someone find a recipe for homemade colon cleanser?

Someone looking for a homemade recipe for a colon cleanser can find one online on natural and probiotic websites. You can also find a recipe in books about personal health and natural cleansers.

Where can I find re-usable double tape?

Environmentally friendly cleansers are a great option for those concerned about the environment. Oildri is a company that offers a natural and environmentally friendly option for those requiring an all natural spill kit.

Does estroven have estrogen in it?

No. Estroven is an all-natural herbal supplement that if formulated to help reduce the symptoms of menopause. The ingredients include Black Cohosh and Soy.

What is the best laxative to take?

Here are some natural laxatives Pear juice A teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Orange juice and olive oil. Even cranberry and prune juice are very good laxatives and natural colon cleansers.

What type of product is Hydroderm?

Hydroderm is a skin care product. It is a high performance skincare line formulated with potent peptides,nourishing proteins and natural botanicals. It dramatically rejuvenates your own natural beauty at any age.

What are some great Acne Cleansers for Dry Irritated Oily Skin that you can by in drugstores I have used a lot of acne Cleansers and all they do is make my skin dry and red and irritated?

Burts Bees acne solutions has saved my son from acne. Perfect for dry irritated acneic is comprised of organic natural ingredients and really helps.

Why can we not just leave it to natural process to decompose pollutants dumped into the oceans?

There are too much pollutants being dumped for natural processes to cope with. We must reduce the amount and toxicity of pollutants we dump in order to help nature cope.

Is marijuana a non-toxic plant?

The short answer to your question is YES. Marijuana or cannabis, as it is scientifically called, in its natural form is Non-Toxic. It has a remarkable low toxicity in animals and humans.

Why was survival of the fittest developed?

Charles Darwin formulated the notion of natural selection to explain the existence of patterns of radiative adaptation in nature, and to explain the seemingly common origin of diverse lifeforms.

What theory that evolution occurs slowly but steadily?

Gradualism is the concept but I would not give it the ranking of scientific theory. It is more a subset of the theory of evolution by natural selection and was first formulated into that theory by Darwin.