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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: Is there a diet pill that can help you lose weight without exercising?
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What weight loss pill will help you lose weight without diet or walking?

Weight loss pills are unsafe and do not work. Exercising and eating less are the only good ways to lose weight.

Does apple help you lose weight?

Eating a balanced diet full of fruits (like apples) and vegetables and exercising will help you lose weight.

What exercises help you lose weight quickly?

If you want to lose weight, you will have to stick to a diet. Attempting to lose weight without the diet would not help a person lose weight due to the amount of food he/she could eat after it or whenever. without a diet, a person can sometimes put more weight ON.

What is a diet that work for you?

Fad diets are usually not very effective when it comes to long term weight loss. Focus instead on improving your diet and exercising. This will help lead to keeping the weight off.

Does exercising help you gain weight?

Yes, you may think that exercising helps you loose weight but that is incorrect. Exercising builds musclewhich adds weight to your body.MJC

What is a good weight loss diet to follow?

A good weight loss diet is dependent on the person who is taking the diet. Some include less calorie intake as well as extra exercising in a particular way. It's really best to get a diet coach to help you.

Will I be able to stick to my diet if I have weight loss hypnosis?

I'm sure for some people that hypnosis might help them with their weight loss. I know that a healthy meal plan and exercising can help promote good weight loss.

How do you lose weight without working out too much?

A healthy diet with regular exercise can help you lose weight.

How can I quickly and healthily lose weight?

You can reduce weight quickly and healthily with diet and exercise. Maintaining a proper diet according to the new food pyramid while exercising and exercising will help you lose weight safely.

What is a good, healthy diet that will help me lose weight?

There is not one diet that fits all people. Research shows that consuming less and exercising more causes weight loss slow and easy. The optimum diet is low-fat and high in protein and fiber.

How do eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly help your bones?

I believe balanced diet is very important for the growth of our body. Healthy food will keep you fit and along with balanced diet regular exercise will help you to gain more energy and you will not increase your weight.

Can pickle juice help you lose weight?

No. Eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight.

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