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No, of course not

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Q: Is there a difference between a bull riding helmet and a hockey helmet?
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Related questions

What is the difference between a riding rink and riding ring?

there is no difference but there is technically no such thing as a riding 'Rink'

Where can you get a horse riding helmet?

you can get a horse-riding helmet at your local saddlery

Is wearing a riding hat important?

Yes! Make sure youu always wear a helmet when jumping! Whenever riding, have proper riding helmet, not a bike helmet or anything else!

For which sports should you wear a helmet?

Lacrosse, Football, Horse back riding, Baseball, mountain/BMX biking, some do in rugby, some do in cricket, Hockey.

Which is better a International riding helmet elite xtreme helmet or a GPA speedair riding helmet?

both protect equally, one just looks better.

Which helmet provides the absolute best protection when riding on my motorcycle?

Any helmet with a full visor and neck protection will ge great for helmet riding. They can be pricey, though.

Why would you wear a helmet when riding a bike?

because it's important to were a helmet.If we don't were a helmet we can get hurt will we riding a bike.

Why do you have to wear a helmet?

Helmets are worn to protect your head from concussion or fatal injuries that have a relation to heads. If you wear a helmet while riding a bike, there is a chance you might fall but the helmet saving you. It is law that you were a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle, ATV, etc.. If you are caught by the law not wearing a helmet while riding said vehicles, you may be fined around $20 - $200.

The development of professional sport between 1850 and 1900?

football, cricket, hockey, horse riding

What riding garment starts with the letter H?

A helmet is a riding garment. It protects the rider in case of a fall or a crash.

A riding helmet should be aprroved by who?

ask you local stable or riding center. where you buy the helmet (tack shop) to check, they usually have someone who can check you helmet for sizing and any problems it may have

What is a safety rule when riding a horse Wearing flat shoes or riding with a helmet?

Wearing a helmet. At riding stables where you "rent" a horse for so much time, you will be required to wear a helmet. However, some riding stables will not require you to wear the helmet if you are of a specific age. I still recommend wearing a helmet at all times. Wearing a shoe with a small heel is also nice (no huge heels - "pumps") because your shoe will fit into the stirrup better. That is usually not required.

What do you need when horse riding?

A helmet

How old do you have to be to stop wearing a riding helmet?

You should never stop wearing a riding helmet. They keep you safe. Many advanced riders use helmets.

Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Australia?

Well yes, I you're riding a motorcycle. You even need a bike helmet when riding a bike. Seatbelts in cars, etc.

What sports do you play while wearing a helmet?

polo,horse-riding, American football,baseball, cricket(batsmen),ice hockey,cycling, bobsleigh,ski-jumping,sky diving, mountaineering, fencing.

Will I get a ticket for not wearing a motorcycle helmet?

If there is a mandatory helmet law in your state, you will probably get a ticket if you do not wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle.

What is the difference between a ward and a riding?

Stuff and stuff.

What kind of helmet would you use when you are riding a bike?

I'd suggest a bicycle helmet. A good compromise between protection and comfort. If you want more protection, use a motorcycle/scooter helmet. But it will be heavy and sweaty. A skateboard/inlines helmet is an OK choice too.

Are protec helmets suitable for riding a push bike?

Protec helmets are mainly intended for skating/skateboarding. The main design difference between a skate and a bike helmet is that the bike helmet is designed to take one big hit and then be discarded, while skate helmets can take several smaller hits and still be OK to use. If you were to take a really hard fall, then a bike helmet will protect more than a skate helmet, they can soak up more energy. Still, the "wrong" helmet will offer more protection than no helmet.

What do you wear to horse riding if you have no perfesional kit?

You can wear casual clothes with a horse riding helmet.

Should you wear a helmet when you ride a horse?

you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding well i would disagree, i have never worn a helmet and have never been really hurt from falling off or being bucked off, just a few bumps and bruises every once in awhile.

Do you have to wear a helmet when you are riding a bike in Ohio?

you don't have to wear a helmet if your by your self but if your on the road you HAVE to wear it-L

What is a bicycle helmet?

A bicycle helmet is a piece of protective headgear intended to be worn while riding a bicycle.

Can you use your snowboarding helmet for riding your motorcycle?

Seriously? NO.