Chevy Camaro Z28

Is there a difference between the Camaro Z28 transmission and the normal transmission on a Chevy 350?


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From 1993 to 2002, the Chevy Camaro offered a 6-speed manual transmission connected to the 350 ci ( 93-97 LT1, 98-02 LS1 ). The Automatic transmission is a 4 speed. Now by normal, I assume you mean the 350 in a 91+ Caprice, 1500 P/U, then yes it is the same 4 speed auto transmission.

Depends upon year of the Z28 and the year of the "Normal" 350, but chances are, they'll match up.

The lt-1 (93-97) camaros used either a 4l60e auto trans or a 5 or 6 speed manual depending on the year. I 98 when they switched to the ls1 they changed the 4l60e for the application. not sure of manual trans changes though.