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No. You need to either use the bundled app, or enter in the codes manually.

If you have a Action Replay Media Edition or an Action Replay DSi, then you can import codes from a codelist on MicroSD Card. You can generate codelists from exporting the list or using PokeSav.

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Q: Is there a different action replay EZ code manager installer other than codejunkies?
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Where can you get action replays for GameCube?

eBay,Amazon,maybe Yukon,and Codejunkies

What is action replay dsi game list?

Answer: Go to CodeJunkies and their you go

How do you use the codes on codejunkies for Pokemon platinum?

Action replay cartridge

How do you find a shiny noctowl easly?

Get a action replay and and go to codejunkies

Does the action replay for ds come without a CD?

The Action Replay DS is included with the CD. If you are buying your Action Replay from a seller online (such as eBay), I would contact them to see if it includes it.The CD has the "Action Replay Code Manager". If you don't have a CD (lost or broke it), you can download it on Codejunkies.

How do you get the codes for an action replay ds?

There are many ways you can get codes for your Action Replay DS 1. You can browse through Action Replay Websites (ex. 2. You can find a "Subscription URL". The Action Replay Code Manager comes default with the Codejunkies Subscriptions (has lots of codes) Good luck!

Where can you find Action replay DS European subscription sites?

Google codejunkies

How do you get Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of sky id on action replay?


Is there any fossil fighters action replay for codejunkies?

Yes but i cant find them

How do you get the action replay code for Pokemon modifier?

there is a way on go to the EU site and go to Pokemon diamond and they will have the code.(on action replay code manager add codejunkies EU on Pokemon diamond and add it to you codes. i got my modifier code from youtube

What does the disk that comes with action replay DS do?

The disc that comes with the Action Replay DS is the "Action Replay Code Manager". You can add, delete, and modify codes by using it. It is extremely helpful because you can just paste the long codes in there, instead of manually entering them. You can download the Action Replay Code Manager using the disc that came with it, or you can download it at Codejunkies. You can find out a tutorial on how to install the Action Replay Code Manager and how to add codes using it at WARC:

How do you enter Action Replay codes onto your Action Replay DS without the little Action Replay disk?

You just find codes around the internet and then you type them manually when in your ds. You can also download the "Action Replay Code Manager" (the disk) from the Codejunkies website. View the "Related links" for a direct download link.