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Is there a fast way to enter codes onto an AR?

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memorise the code

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In what way are eBay codes used for?

One can enter eBay codes onto the website during the payment process to receive a discount. The discount will be dependent on the specific offer and eBay codes are not available for every product.

What are the cheat codes on Star Wars the clonewars?

For the best way of finding cheats is to look them up on google. But the 2 most important codes are chosen1 and 1withforce. To enter the cheats after entering the profile you will come to a selection screen, go to the options screen, go onto cheats, then go to codes and enter them.

To enter or force your way into?

to barge or breake onto

Where do you enter codes for super Mario galaxy on wii?

There are no codes or any way to cheat in it.

How do you enter codes with action replay while playing animal crossing wild world?

There is no way to add action replay codes while playing, but with the text to item or realtime world edit codes you can enter hex codes to change the item you are placing.

Where do you enter cheat codes?

Depending on the game, you could enter cheat codes in various locations. For example, some games like Grand Theft Auto allow you to enter cheat codes after the game is loaded. However, other games use different methods to enter cheat codes; some use a specific "cheat code" menu, others a different way.

What are the cheat codes for Andy law?

there are no cheat codes and/or hacks & trainers. the way to get leveled up fast is doing the specials.

How do you enter action replay codes on pokemon heartgold?

the same way you do in diamond and perl

Where can you use gianteggy88 in moshi monsters?

on the login page, enter GIANTEGGY88 and u will get a giant easter egg for your room. BY THE WAY ENTER IT WHERE IT SAYS CODES AT THE BOTTOM OF WHERE YOU ENTER YOUR PASSWORD

Is there a fast way to get all the Pokemon in Pokemon gold?

yeah cheat using gameshark codes

On Zelda windwaker how do you enter a code?

There is no way to put in codes from the game itself. Buy ActionReplay or GameShark.

Should you enter the passcode for director D on spy island?

Yes. That is the only way to reach the final battle on the satellite. Enter the codes one at a time : Laser (enter), Hair (enter), Removal (enter). (see related question)

How do you enter cheat codes on Kingdom Hearts?

The only way is to use a cd like action replay or game shark.

Why do I always have to enter my password to get onto Facebook?

You don't. When you are signing in, click the box remember me or, set facebook as my homepage, that way you won't have to.

I purchased some used Webkinz is there some way to get codes for them?

You could go onto eBay and find that webkinz code and just the code for the pets that you bought. Make sure that the codes are unused other wise the code are no good or won't work. If you want to get the plush with the codes then you can go onto a website like amazon or another website that you can buy them from.

Where do you enter your sweet treat codes on pixie hollow?

When your logging in go all the way down. It will say 'Secret Codes'. click it!Can't find it? it is the 2nd rectangle over. Make sure you are on where you log in and scrolled all the way down!

Are there cheat codes for red dead redemption undead nightmare?

yes there are, you enter them in a similar way to the normal Red Dead Redemption.

When you approach a yield sign while trying to enter or merge onto another road does traffic already on that road have the right of way?


Is there a way to enter action replay codes from your computer?

Yes, go on your action replay screen touch new and type the code that simple!

What are the secret codes for the login on Moshi Monsters?

The way to enter secret codes on Moshi Monsters has changed. You no longer enter them on the LogIn page. As to the codes, there are many codes available for Moshi Monsters and many ways to get them. You can get a code when you purchase a Moshi Monsters toy. You can get a code by winning a contest or a competition on Moshi Monsters. You can get a code in the Moshi Monsters newsletter or by watching Moshi TV. Keep playing Moshi Monsters and watch the Daily Growl and you will find lots of codes.

What is the fastest way to earn passes on Howrse except for buying them?

There is no super fast way but you could enter giveaways or if one of your horses dies of old age then you get a pass

How do you enter cheat codes on call of duty black ops for ds?

you cannot enter codes straight from the ds, you can one, buy an action replay which is like 20 dollars exact about i have one and add the codes to the pack, or i think you can get a usb and download crap but i would not do it because of the risk of putting a virrus in the game or on the ds. if you have any questions just email me for the safest way, and maybe we can exchange codes. email,

How do you get your Pokemon to level up fast in emerald?

I think that there isn't any way to do it without using action replays or cheat codes. Sorry!

Where else can you find Wonder Mail codes if upokecenter does not work?

Well, there is one other way that I know. I find the codes for the wondermail on Bulbapedia. I just scroll down onto what Pokemon I wanna look up and click on it before scrolling down once again to see the codes.

Is there any way you can enter new codes into the action replay for the US version of Pokemon diamond or pearl?

Yes, if you still have the instruction manual, it has more information than I do. You can also try going to for the codes and instructions!