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Is there a fire hazard in leaving the electric fans on during the day when nobody is home and are ceiling fans or free standing fans more dangerous?

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2005-09-29 21:41:39
2005-09-29 21:41:39

The 'FIRE HAZARD' is the SAME as that of leaving any other appliance unattended. Besides the obvious waste of electricity and the extra wear and tear on the equipment, there should be some valid reason for doing it. Remember, that a running fan uses power and this generated heat. If you are always forgetful (like me), then perhaps investing in an automatic shut-off timer would be wise. If there are animals that would be left uncomfortable, make sure that there is nothing else (besides the fans) that they could get into to cause a fire. Besides circulating air, ceiling fans only benefit a person if they are actually in the room to feel the air, they should be turned off and not left to run all day.

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