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No, there isn't a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the games.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-15 22:21:01
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Q: Is there a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the game?
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What is the code to get all pokedex complete in Pokemon platinum?

It is a glitch, not a code. All you have to do is catch all of the pokemon, and the game will glitch, filling your pokedex. Amazing, right?

What is a missingo in Pokemon?

missingo is not a real Pokemon but it is a glitch in the game

What is Missingo in pokemon?

It is a totally awesome glitch in Pokemon games. however,if you do the glitch wrong,it could crash the game

How do you use game glitch in Pokemon FireRed?

by going to the pokemon center

Pokemon glitch to get all Pokemon?

There is not such a thing!

What pokemon game has a glitch in it?

All of the pokemon games have glitches in. Although you will notice that the older the games get the higher the amount of glitches there will be.

How do you get rid of a glitch Pokemon?

Well, First You Just Turn Off The Power Start A New Game Then, Never Catch A Glitch Pokemon AGAIN Ever Or However You Got The Glitch Pokemon!

Is there a game shark code for glitch Pokemon?

as i know there isnt

What are Pokemon Blue glitch Pokemon Gameshark codes?

DO NOT USE GLITCH POKEMON CHEATS FOR THE GAMESHARK. They will delete your game file, and could permanently corrupt your gameshark.

Can you migrate a glitch Pokemon to diamond or pearl?

no but you can glich a pokemon in the gba pokemon game then migrate that pokemon and it wil make the game frezz

Can you find Pokemon over level 100 like on Pokemon red?

if the game has a glitch

Are glitch Pokemon considered leadundary Pokemon?

No they are not even considered Pokemon at all

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