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Intellectual Property...

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Q: Is there a grant that you can apply for to pay off an old student payment that is hindering you from getting your transcripts to re-start school again?
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Does making a payment on a contract restart the limitations in California?

It will re-start the time frame in every jurisdiction. The payment represents an acknowledgement of the debt.

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No, only making a payment, promising to make a payment, or providing a letter of reaffirmation of the debt can reset the statue of limitations.

If you had to restart 9th grade due to illness will top colleges know this and will it bar your acceptance even if you do well in school?

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There are a number of ways to extend the statute of limitations. Any payment toward the bill will restart the clock. Any acknowledgement that the debt is owed starts the clock over. If they call and you say, "Yes, I know I owe it" you have started the clock again.

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Last payment on the debt is usually the date. Some of them are going to be the last time you talked with them about it. SOL's begin upon the date of last activity on the account. In most cases that will be when the creditor enters the account as a charge off, which will usually be 180 days after the account holder has defaulted. If the debtor makes a payment of any amount or in some instances agrees to make a payment the SOL will restart. The SOL will also restart if the debtor moves from his or her current state of residency to a new state.

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