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there is no such thing as a bog turtle

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How many Bog Turtles are left in Pennsylvania?

The Bog Turtle is on the PA endangerd list. There is no real number of how many there are because they are such an elusive species.

What is the common name for the bog turtle?

bog turtle

What threatens the bog turtle?

poo in the bog

What is a Bog Turtle's niche?

Its a turtle that lives in a bog.

Bog turtle adaptations?

They swim

How old can bog turtles get?

A bog turtle can live up to 40 years old. :)

Can the bog turtle harm other turtles?


What is the smallest turtle?

maybe Bog Turtle or Flattened Musk turtle. No, it's the Speckled Cape tortoise endemic to South Africa and Surrounding regions. This is the smallest chelonian (turtle's, tortoises, and terrapins). The smallest turtle is the bog turtle of the Southeastern U.S.

What is the scientific name of a bog turtle cell?

Glyptemys muhlenbergii

When did the bog turtle become endangered?

bog turtles are endangered because there are bigger animals round there habitat like the lion

How many Bog Turtles are left in the world?

there are less than 1500

What different kinds of turtles are there?

There are many different kinds of turtles Pancake turtle, Giant turtle, Box turtle, Snapping turtles, Red eared slider turtle, Painted turtle,Spotted turtle, Sea turtle, loggerhead turtle, leatherback turtle, bog turtle, wood turtle, Blanding turtle, Barbours map turtle, Red bellied turtle, Diamondback terrapin turtle, Florida cooter, Arizona mud turtle, Florida softshell turtle, Stripeneck musk turtle, and the Pacific ridley and many many more

What are the scientific name of a bog turtle?

Genus and Species is Glyptemys muhlenbergii.

How much does a Bog Turtle weights at birth?

3 to 4 grams

How did the bog turtle become endangered?

well the turtle became endangered mostly because people kill it a lot and are killing off the line of bog turtles and if it keeps happening the poor creature will become extinct

What is the world's smallest water turtle?

One of the smallest is the Musk Turtle, but the Bog turtle can fit in the palm or your hand, being only four inches long.

What are the bog turtle communication?

nobody knows except if your a genius LUV YA!!

Is the Bog Turtle a threatened species?

It is more than endangered, it is critically endangered.

Are bog turtles poisonous?

Some are. But most aren't. I have a bog turtle as a pet and it's completely harmless. The only thing I've seen it bite is it's food! this is to the owner of the bog turtle "just because yours doesn't bite doesn't mean that it is not poisonous!" sincerely jochechan (P.S.I go looking for stuff like this.)

What are predators of the Bog Turtle?

A variety of birds and mammals including foxes, skunks, dogs, and raccoons.

How do you help the bog turtle?


How can people save the Bog turtle?

People are telling other people not to take care of them badly.

How many pages does Bog Child have?

Bog Child has 337 pages.

Who caused the bog turtle to become endangered?

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure it was a guy named Tony.

How many calories in daz bog mocha chiller?

how many calories does a daz bog caramel nonfat chiller have

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