Is there a horse isle school?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Nope, just wiki answers for all you need to know!

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Q: Is there a horse isle school?
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Do Romania kids have to wear a school uniform?

no By Darklady Horse isle hehe

Is there any good horse mmorpgs?

Horse Isle and Horse Isle 2 are fun.

Who are the Esrohs on horse isle 2?

Esrohs is a kind of horse on horse isle 2 but that horse is not ready real

How do you get to hare isle on HorseIsle 2?

There isn't a Hare isle on Horse Isle 2, only Horse Isle 1, where you get to it from Earton dock.

Where are Tanagramas 4-8 on HorseIsle?

1 - Earton, Horse Isle 2 - Appleton Horse Isle 3 - Treeton, Horse Isle 4 - Art Isle 5 - Dolphin Isle 6 - Shellton, Turtle Isle 7 - Wington, Bird Isle 8 - Hotton, Desert Isle

What is the largest isle on HorseIsle?

Jungle Isle by far!horse isle answer:

Where are the Trainer Locations on HorseIsle?

Trainer LocationsSpeed-Earton (Horse Isle)Strength-Appleton (Horse Isle)Agility-Treeton (Horse Isle)Endurance-Hotton (Desert Isle)Conformation-Witherton (Rider Isle)--LadyRose (Grey Server)

Are there any other horse games similar to Horse-Isle?

you can try horse land and horwse but i think horse isle is more fun

What was the name of George Washingtons favorite horse?

Horse Isle answer--> Nelson <-- From Dreygon Roan server.

Where is quiet isle on horse isle?

left of bone isle this like pebble shape isle

Where can you find a morab horse on HorseIsle?

Anywhere in the grassy area on Horse Isle (the actual isle)

Who is the current artist for HorseIsle?

SpottedRose for Horse isle 1 PlagueDog for Horse isle 2