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Is there a list of Bronze Star recipients from World War 2?


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No list of Bronze Star Medal recipients exists.


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There is NO LIST of WWI recipients, because the award did not yet exist. The Bronze Star Medal was established by Executive Order 9419 on 4 February 1944 .

Because of the very large numbers of Bronze Star Medals awarded, no single list exists.

World War Two lasted four years, and found millions of Americans in uniform. No list of Bronze Star Medal recipients exists. There were certainly thousands of BS Medals awarded, and perhaps hundreds of thousands.

No list exists. The war lasted 10,000 days, and involved over one million US military. Bronze Star medals were awarded by the thousands.

The Bronze Star medal, as are all other military medals, is earned, not won. No list of recipients exists. There are tens of thousands who have been awarded the BS medal during its' existence.

As far as I know, there is no list for recipients of the Bronze Star Medal from WWII. The reason for this is, unlike higher awards that are awarded strictly for combat actions (Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal- which have lists of recipients) the Bronze Star Medal may be awarded also for non-combat reasons. Because of this, the list would be extraordinarily long, particularly for a period of war.

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The Bronze Star medal has been awarded to several thousand US service members during the Gulf War. Not possible to list them all.

No, there is no by name list maintained. So far (10 September 2008) there have been 66,400 Bronze Stars for service/achievement and 1,900 Bronze Stars for valor awarded for OIF by the Army.

The Bronze Star Medal is awarded for "Heroic or meritorious achievement or service." While there is no complete list compiled of Bronze Stars awarded during Vietnam, medals awarded may be looked up on the National Archives website. You can search by name and several other ways on the site linked below.Number of Bronze Stars awarded (Source: National Archives):Bronze Star for Service 26,215Bronze Star for Achievement 2,159Bronze Star for Valor 6,215

No comprehensive list exists.

Because of the large number of Bronze Star Medals awarded, there is no single list

No list of Silver Star and Bronze Star winners was ever compiled.

According to , there have been 31 Silver Star recipients in the Iraq war.

Because of the large number of the Bronze Star Medal awarded, no single list exists

No such comprehensive list exists.

I think there is no list prepare for Burma Star Medal. Perhaps, the reason is this medal is not of any significant importance.

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