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Of course! Try going to, click on the Diamond/Pearl under the Games on the left side, and find Swarming on the right side of the nest screen.

there are 29 different kinds of swarming Pokemon in Pokemon pearl and Pokemon diamond


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there is no list of "bfs" in Pokemon diamond and pearl but you can make freinds

It can evolve Pokemon. Here is a list of what it can evolve: Misdreavus---> Mismagius Murkrow---> Honchkrow If your going to get Pokemon diamond/pearl,please beware of the type of Pokemon you can find.For Example,Murkrow can only be found in Diamond,not Pearl or Glamow can be found on Pearl but not on Diamond,But what i mean is there's only 2 Pokemon (In Diamond/Pearl) that can be found on each game. Here's the list: Murkrow---> Honchkrow (Diamond) Stunky---> Stunktank (Diamond) Misdreavus---> Mismagius (Pearl) Glamow---> Purugly (Pearl)..... But 1 other thing,only 1 Pokemon (In each game) can be used with dusk stone,so pick WISELY....

JesseTheEternal- No, there is a big list of Pokemon that can appear however. I don't have it currently.

Since there is quite a lot of Pokemon in Pearl, go to On the left hand side under Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, click Pokedex and there will be a full list under.

go to and search Pokemon diamond.(or pearl) you will click on the right game after you search it and there will be a list on the left side of the page. Click action replay codes and there should be a huge list of codes!!!

Well if I had time I would list them all out but I don't. So the special Pokemon you can ONLY get in diamond (not in pearl or platinum) are: Murkrow Honchkrow Stunky Skuntank

first, try asking a question, second, all the same Pokemon in diamond and pearl

Pokemon # 146 is Uxie in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Acuity just left of Snowpoint City. Pokemon # 147 Mesprit in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Verity just left of Twinleaf Town. Pokemon # 148 Azelf in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Valor between Pastoria City and Veilstone City. for a list of all other Pokemon you can check out this site...

you have to go to a place where you can find out about Pokemon wi fi

Palkia (pearl only) Dialga (diamond only) Giratina (platnium,diamond or pearl) Rotom Uxie Mesprit Azelf Heatran Cresselia Manaphy (you need Pokemon ranger to get Manaphy)

duh you must have seen the adverts they the games come out like every 3 months these are a list of Pokemon games all of which are only for ds diamond,pearl,platinum,heart gold,soul silver,black and white plus they all say Pokemon in there name e.g. pokemon diamond, Pokemon pearl and so on

Go to to get all that info you need. On the left hand side under Diamond/Pearl click pokedex and there will be a giant list under.

you could buy the Pokemon diamond and pearl guide tells you when each Pokemon only shows you the Pokemon from diamond and costs 15 or 20 dollars it's really helpful if you barely got your Pokemon game.its useless if you already passed most of it.

You can reach your inventory by pressing the X button, then selecting "Bag" from the list of available options. The list of items that appears is called your inventory.

All of the old ones and lots lots more! For a complete list, you can visit they have a complete pokedex of all of the new and old pokemon, and how to get them

Yes. As long if the games are the very newewst. I'll give you a list of Pokemon Games that have Arceus. List: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, Soulsilver, Possibly Black & White

To transfer Pokemon from diamond to pearl you must trade with a friend. This requires a friend who has the opposite game. This is not hard, just go upstairs in a Pokemon center and initiate the trade. It's that easy.or you can see all the Pokemon in shinno and get the national dex then you can go to the pal park on route 219 and if you have got a gameboy game like Pokemon emerald then insert it in the game bo slot and go to the pal park and you will see what to do from there. if you need anyother help then go to www.marriland .com and it look for diamond and pearl walkthrough then go right down to the botton of the list and click on pal park.

I am not sure what the code is but you can go to and under search type in Pokemon diamond/pearl. Then pick the game and press on the button that says action replay. This website will list just about every Pokemon diamond/pearl action replay cheat you can find.Hope this helps. if you need any more help i will help just e-mail me at

u cant Pokemon bloody diamond isn't real hoped this works :)

List of Pokemon Games To Catch Pokemon in:BlueRedYellowGoldSilverSapphireRubyEmeraldLeafGreenFireRedDiamondPearlPlatinumColusseumComing Out Sometime:HeartGoldSoulSilver

There is a list of all TMs (and HMs) that can be found in Pokemon Diamond in the Related Links section of this answer.

Well I Know that it takes a while to level up Larvitar to Tyrannitar and rhydon to Rhyperior but that's about it.Go to to get a list of all Pokemon for every game.

im not sure what the code is but when you get a ds action replay it has a list of games and on Pokemon diamond and there should already be a option that says walk through anything codes and you can choose either walk through anything which if your walking you will just go through it or if you choose run through anything and if your walking and you go through anything you will automaticly run through it its really fun if you have pearl you just go to Pokemon pearl in the list of things and it should have the same thing so i hope it helps :)

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