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Yes, there is. You can go to it lists all the guns and information about them. Nice question. -Jujubee

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Where can you find a list of ever gun ever made?

I have two bookcases full of reference books- and THEY do not show ALL of the guns that have been made. There is no one list.

Where can you find every single gun ever made online?

No such site exists.

Where can you find a nice M4 Carbine Airsoft gun?

The internet is where you can buy every airsoft gun ever made!

Is there a list of every gun in the world?


What was the first gun ever made called?

Bb gun

What was the first ever gun?

i believe the 1st ever gun made was made from cast iron and was dated from the 13-15 century made by the Chinese

Where can get you parts for a J Stevens Model 335 double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Try Gun Parts Corp. They have parts for nearly every gun ever made.

Is there a scope for every gun?

Depends on if a scope mount is made for the gun.

Who made the first gun ever?


Who made the first ever gun?

The Chinese

What was the first paintball gun ever made?

The first paintball gun was a pump gun. The year is unidentified.

What was the first machine gun ever made?

The first was the gatling gun invented in 1862

What is the worst gun ever made?

Chau Chau

What is the age of a model 85 22 rifle?

every gun maker had a model 85. who made it what caliber every gun maker had a model 85. who made it what caliber

Which is the worlds biggest gun ever made?

The biggest gun is a SPG gun the Monster which is a german rail gun mounts a 800mm mortar

Was Leonardo da Vinci's machine gun ever made?

No, it was not.

When was the latest gun made?

They are made every day of the week somewhere in the world.

When was the newest gatling gun made?

Still being made every month

Where are gun powders made?

Just about on every major continent and in every major country

What is the first magnum gun ever made?

The .357 Magnum was the first gun to use the term magnum.

What is strongest gun ever made?

700 nitro is just BEAST

Where are all of the Nerf gun products ever made?

A factory in China.

What is the first shooting game ever made?

it was a 1919 game its called gun or gun(you can not play it)(its to old to play it)

Where can you find a gun made by Bridge Gun Company?

Try the on line auction sites, do a web search, check gun shops, read Shotgun News, Gun List, etc..

Who has the most Nerf guns?

hasbro!!! they made every Nerf gun