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You could try selling it on ebay for spares or contact your local authority to find out where your nearest recycle center is. Searching the web is another option, as there is no indication to what area you are referring to in your question.

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i dont know ask somone else

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Q: Is there a local recycling centre where you can take bigger items such as old computers?
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Is there a local recycling centre where you can take bigger items such as old computers in murton?

yes there is

Is there a local recycling centre where you can take bigger items such as old computeres?

yes there is

What is the nearest recycling center to crystal palace where bigger items such as old computers can be recycled?

I checked using Google Earth, and Thomson Local websites - there is a large recycling centre called Ruby Global situated at... 36-38 Mill Green Road, Mitcham CR4 4HZ - Tel: 020 8648 2433. Why not phone them and see if they recycle old computers. If they don't they'll probably be able to tell you someone who does.

Where do you take t.v. sets and computers to be recycled?

Newtech Recycling is an organization which specializes in recycling TV sets and computers. You can arrange for them to pick up your items by contacting them at

What services does the Australian company E Waste Recycling provide?

The Australian company E-Waste Recycling provides recycling services for electronic waste. This would include items such as printer and copier toners, computers, monitors, and other IT items.

What happence to the things that are sent to recycle?

If you mean your computers recycling bin, they just stay there until you clear the recycling bin. If you clear the recycling bin the files are deleted entirely and cannot be recovered. You can also recover items from your recycling bin too. Alternatively if you mean actual garbage recycling it gets sent to a recycling plant where they melt down glass or plastic or other recyclable items and make them into materials that can be used again.

What is recycling and why is it important-?

Recycling is when items that can be reused are reused, and the act of saving those items for reuse. Some of the items that can be reused are paper and most plastics.

What are the difficulties with recycling?

Recycling takes time to sort dump items. If the items are wet, it gums up the process. There also needs to be a convenient location for the recycling bins.

Is it legal to take things from recycling centers?

No, it is not legal to take items from recycling centers without permission. These items are considered property of the recycling center or the individuals who brought them there for processing. Taking items without permission is considered theft.

How do recycling centers make money?

When you bring items to a recycling center, they will pay you a small amoung. The recycling center, in turn, makes money by reselling the things you bring in to companies that will process the items to make new goods.

What is the method of conservation in which items are processed to be used again?


Where are the recycling items on Build-a-Bearville?

they are different every time