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Is there a minimum income needed to qualify for an H1B Visa?

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How hard is it to qualify for a Visa rewards card?

In order to qualify for a Visa rewards card you must have a good credit score, fill out an application showing a steady income. Once you are approved your new card will be issued to you.

What are the qualifications for a visa needed to look for jobs in Australia?

In order to qualify for a visa to look for and obtain a job in Australia, you normally need to be in a profession in demand. This will get you the required points for a work visa. Jobs such as nursing and computing are in high demand, and if you have qualifications in these types of fields, you are likely to get a job.

How do you get a work visa in US as a mechanical engineer?

You must be sponsored by an employer in order to qualify for a work visa.

What is the minimum income requirement for the visa black card?

I make 65 K and got offered one. I think it has to due more with credit history and rating.

Have no checking account for loan but have a prepaid visa card?

Credit worthiness/income determines wether you qualify. Having an acct does not impact your credit 1 way or the other unless it is negative.

What is requirement for South Africa visit visa?

You have to be a valid passport holder for you to qualify for a South Africa visit visa.

Do jamaicans need a visa for the Dominican Republic?

no visa needed for tourism.

Do nationals of England reguire a visa when travelling to Scotland?

No visa or passport needed.

Do you need a visa for Bulgaria?

Yes. visa is needed except for European citizens.

What is the minimum payment for a visa credit card?

2% or 20$.

What is required to get a nz passport?

you need a residency visa minimum.

Can you travel to Ireland with french visa?

You may need a different visa to get to Ireland. If your visa only covers France, then a different visa will be needed for Ireland.

Is a Puerto Rico visa different from a US visa?

There is no such thing as a Puerto Rican visa. Puerto Rico is part of the United States and if a visa is needed by a visitor it will be a US visa.

Is a visa needed from the US to Spain?

yes you need a visa to leave the us yes you need a visa to leave the us

Can you and your wife live seperatly and still get a visa?

If you both qualify for one then you can it does not matter if you separate ...

What is the minimum age to get Oman employment visa?

You should complete 21 Years of age to obtain a employment visa for Oman.

Do Americans need a visa to enter Romania?

A visa is not necessary; only a valid passport is needed.

Is a visa needed in Andorra for Indian citizen?

No, but a valid Passport and Visa for France or Spain is required.

Is visa needed from japan travel to France?

yes everywhere you go you need visa. from keyna

What credit cards are accepted at Sam's club in Mexico?

Visa, Mastercard and American Express qualify.

Does HSBC Finance issue Visa cards?

"Yes, HSBC Finance does issue Visa cards, if you qualify. By going to your bank you can apply for a Visa card of varying credit limits and also decide which one is right for you."

What is the minimum band requirement for IELTS test for UK settlement visa?

For settlement visa minimum 4 band is required but original requirement for visa is A1 level in CEFR , if you have below 4 band in IELTS so you can go for KET exam which is Essy compare to IELTS. (both certificate is valid for UK Settlement visa.

What is income effectiveness?

In most business, your income is affected by your job performance. Poor job performance may result in a lower income. Visa Versa.

Minimum number of days to enter Italy with one year visa?

There's no minimum. The maximum is, of course, 365 days!

What kind of visa is needed for cana dian student study in US?

F-1 Student Visa