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Inglot makes nail polishes that are called ' breathable nail polish'. Water goes through it. Sells only at certain Macy's or online.

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Nope. only nail polish remover :)

It is polish that goes on your nails. and the nail gods named it that so...

It depends what nail polish you use

Nail varnish is the coloured polish, and that goes on first. The french polish is just a see-through layer that is a strengthener/hardener to make the coloured varnish last longer and that goes on top after you have applied 1 to 2 coats of the coloured nail polish.

Cold water does not help nail polish dry. Its makes your nail polish come off.

Nail polish is a acid polish that goes on your nails and stay's for at least 1 week.!:)I think you have made a typo, if so nail polish is nail varnish.Paint that you put on your nails.I hope this answers your questions!

because if the nail polish goes on the food you could die

Nail polish contains solvents to help the other ingredients suspend properly in the nail polish. It is these solvents that dissolve the Styrofoam.

it goes to the sewage system then goes into a water filtration system. During the water filtration system all the yucky stuff (including nail polish) gets filtered out and we drink the clean water that is left.

The reason is not that the nail polish is clear, it's just that the nail polish is cheap or crappy. Try getting nail polish from a different company, because some nail polishes just do that.

acetone non polar and nail polish non polar

Try nail polish remover, hot water and soap won't work

Nail polish can be removed from hard non-fabrc surfaces with simple nail polish remover. Clean, rinse and repeat if necessary. The cleaning goes easier if the nail polish hasn't completely hardened yet.

sparkle white+christmas snow=white nail polish nail polish nail polish

Mostly through ads in nail tech magazines. Nail salons don't get visits from vendor representatives like a lot of other businesses do; when a tech needs some more nail polish she goes to the beauty supply store and buys it off the rack.

It's not nail polish. American Paint is a water based acrylic craft paint.

Nail polish is an organic compound with a nonpolar molecule.

You could try to use nail polish remover. if you do not have any handy, you could try to scrub the nail polish off under hot water.

yes but you can see it through the fake nail

you can put toothpaste our nails and use a nail file to scrub it off

either you use nail polish remover or once you wash your hands, take a shower do the dishes, etc. it will come off by its self

use water thenscrub with soap but do not use nail-polish remover it damages the granite.

Try soaking it in warm water then using Nail Polish remover and throwing them in the wash.

nail polish remover evaporates faster because of its high alcohol content

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