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Is there a new WWE superstar coming to smackdown?


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There are 2 superstars coming to rAW OR SMACKDOWN 1. Muccyman. 2. Billybob TAGE TEAM Muccybokings

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wwe`s dante is a new wwe smackdown superstar you can see on wwe smackdown or wwe.com .

You go to create mode, select superstar, then new superstar. you pick skin color, face...

Main menu > Create Modes > Create A WWE Superstar > New Superstar/New Diva

No it is for the PS3 and says so right on the package New Thq Wwe Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 Sports Ps3 Platform Create-A-Superstar Redesign Superstar Threads

Raw is best than smackdown because raw always give opportunity to new young superstar s to rise up. Raw have more talent than smackdown. Raw always give new legend from new superstar to new era. Raw always remain great but It remain great ever

Move the joysticks to control your character. If that doesn't work you may need a new controller.

contact me and ill send you all new wwe superstar themes at seb.c@hotmail.co.uk

Yes WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 video game is coming on October the 20th I Think

u can't.... he's not available for SvR 2011 cuz he's new but u can try making him in the "create your superstar"

To get to the create-a-superstar menu on Smackdown! vs. Raw 2007 (for PS2), select 'create modes' while on the menu screen. Then, select 'create a superstar' and press 'new superstar'. It will then take you to the create-a-superstar screen.

yes all of the superstars are on wwe smackdown vs raw Except for SIn Cara Hes actually new On WWE

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Its a pretty safe bet that Christian will be in WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2010. Other new superstars that will be in the game are Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and R - Truth.Reposted by J.KillerChristian will be on WWE Smackdown vs. raw 2010 because he has been on WWE Smackdown vs. raw 2010He is. I have the game.

Know your enemy by Green Day

the miz or cm punk and the new nexus

well there not like nhl there drafts go to smackdown or raw but wrestlers sign to wwe

Wait no more. Maria will be there in July. After NXT season 3 there will be a new diva on smackdown or raw!

Because this fall Smackdown will be changing networks and WWE wanted a strong drawing for the new network and this the reason HHH and JR were moved to Smackdown.

for a superstar go to edit and for someone you make go back to edit your superstar make new top or whatever and just save as new

He is currently wrestling with New Japan Pro Wrestling

if you have xbox 360 you can burn superstars from svr 2009 to legends of weestlemania

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 is $20 new at amazon on November 7 2011

Check the WWE website for details.

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