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I'm assuming you're talking about Team Fortress 2. If you're talking about Team Fortress Classic then Team Fortress 2 is your answer.

Valve has not stated anything about creating a new TF2 game. They're still not done updating and expanding TF2.

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Q: Is there a new team fortress coming?
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How does Team Fortress 2 differ from Team Fortress?

Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to the video game Team Fortress. There are similar characters and missions in both games, but the main differences are the new maps and new statistics capability in Team Fortress 2.

Who made team fortress?

Team Fortress Classic and Team Fortress 2 is developed by Valve Inc.

When did Team Fortress happen?

Team Fortress happened in 1996.

Where did Team Fortress 2 start?

Team Fortress 2 was initially a Quake Mod (Team Fortress), for Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch

Does Team Fortress 2 Does Team Fortress 2 always have blood?


How do you see what level you are on Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress does not have levels.

What are the controls of team fortress arcade?

What are the controls of team fortress aracade

Where do you get team fortress two?

You can find Team Fortress 2 at

What virus does Team Fortress 2 what virus does Team Fortress 2 give you?

none specifically. Team Fortress 2 does NOT give you a virus.

When is the updates for Team Fortress 2 on the xbox 360 coming out?

march @# @)!) translation: march 23 2010

When did Team Fortress Classic happen?

Team Fortress Classic happened in 1999.

When was Team Fortress created?

Team Fortress was created on 1996-08-24.

Can you throw grenades in Team Fortress 2?

No, there are no throwable grenades in Team Fortress 2

When will team fortress 3 come out?

Team Fortress 3 will probably not get released in a while, as Valve is constantly adding more content to Team Fortress 2.

Will there be any new classes for team fortress 2?

No new classes just updates to the existing ones.

What rateing is Team Fortress 2?

The ESRB rating for Team Fortress 2 is M for mature.

When was Team Fortress Classic created?

Team Fortress Classic was created on 1999-04-07.

How much does team fortress 2 cost in steam?

Team Fortress 2 is Free on Steam

Why was Team Fortress 2 invented?

Team Fortress 2 was invented to entertain people as an online, first-person shooter and generate profit for its developers (Valve). It is a sequel to Team Fortress Classic, which was an adaptation of the popular quake modification , Team Fortress.

Where can you download Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is available on Steam for free to all users.

What is a c model in Team Fortress 2?

A c_model is the model of an unlockable weapon in Team Fortress 2.

Is team fortress 2 on Xbox?

Yes, Team Fortress 2 is for Xbox 360 but it doesn't get updated.

How Do you Enter Voucher Codes On Steam for Team Fortress 2?

You can get Team Fortress 2 on Steam for free.

Where to download Team Fortress 2 low violence?

There is no Team Fortress 2 download with less violence. Team fortress is not that type of game. You can download the game on Steam for free, though.

How many items are there in Team Fortress 2?

As of 27/04/2012 there are 540 items in team Fortress 2.