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yes Micheal Jackson son


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His nickname is Blanket, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

Michael Jackson's child's name is Prince Michael II but nicknamed Blanket by Michael

It is not Omar. His nickname is Blanket, but his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II

yes, they are named price, Paris and blanket

Michael Jackson has a son named Prince Michael Jackson II. It is widely reported that the child's nickname is blanket.

No. In fact, a 'wet blanket' is a person who is just the opposite. That is, someone who seems to destroy fun times and good moods, whether on purpose, or unknowingly. They are usually as much 'fun' as cuddling-up with a wet blanket, hence the term.

the person who named the cow was named Henry Cow

Primary use is as a fire blanket- to smother a fire (including a clothing fire) by wrapping the person in the non-combustible blanket, can cutting off the air. and that it is the safe :)

Because wrapping a blanket around them starves the fire of oxygen - thus the fire is extinguished.

it means he/she still has a baby blanket Notes: if you marry someone named haiden spelled this way check his or her secret place you will probably find a baby blanket

A person can sometimes be described as a wet blanket if they make it harder for others to have fun, socialize, or participate in a party, etc. I believe that the intended comparison is to the use of a wet blanket to put out a fire, as a person called a wet blanket can smother a social situation, although some believe that this is because a blanket which can keep you warm if it is dry, becomes very uncomfortable when it is wet.A wet blanket is uncomfortable to wrap up in - a person who is a "wet blanket" is someone who is not comfortable to be around. You would use this idiom to mean someone who puts a damper on the enjoyment of other people and makes a fun situation less fun.I invited Bill to the party, but he was a real wet blanket and made us all miserable with his complaining.A wet blanket is a party pooper, a fun killer: someone who destroys a festive or happy mood. Think of the way a watered-down blanket would smother a fire, and you'll get the idea behind the expression.When a person is like a wet blanket, he/she is someone who takes the fun out of a situation or activity, as by pessimism, demands, dullness, etc. (P.S. Pessimism means a general belief that bad things will happen.)A wet blanket is a person who isn't any fun. Just imagine if your blanket was wet, you really wouldn't enjoy that now would you.

No his name is Prince Michael II, but everyone calls him Blanket.

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An electric blanket is a blanket that has coils within it that warm up to keep a person warm. If there is an error, make sure that the prongs are connected properly into the plug. This should take care of the error.

a blanket that is given to a trusted person

medicine, blanket, fire, person, ice, food

The trumpet was not named after a person...

get your blanket out. get your blanket out.

The blanket will help to smother the flames. The flames should go out once deprived of oxygen, hopefully before the person suffers burns. A carpet could be used instead as speed is essential.

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There are 15 elements that are named after a person. Curium, for example, is named after Marie and Pierre Curie, while Bohrium is named after Niels Bohr.

Boo Radley. He was always watching the children. He saw that she was cold so he covered her up with a blanket.

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