Is there a person named Blanket?

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yes Micheal Jackson son

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Q: Is there a person named Blanket?
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How can a blanket be used to help a person who is on fire?

In rescues, a blanket may be used to smother any flames as the person is removed from danger.

Is Michael Jackson's baby named Omar or Blanket?

It is not Omar. His nickname is Blanket, but his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II

Did Michael Jackson name his kids?

yes, they are named price, Paris and blanket

Is Billie Jean Blanket Jackson's mother?

Billie Jean isn't a real person and Blanket's mother is an unknown surrogate.

Why can't old person use electric blanket?

They can! My Grandad does

How can a Stadium Blanket be personalized?

Stadium blankets can be personalized with a person's own design or logo. A person can also have their name or the name of a favorite team put on a personalized stadium blanket.

When a person's teeth are being x rayed other body parts of this person are covered with a protective lead blanket to prevent?

The lead blanket protects the rest of your body from radiation

What is an emergency blanket used for?

An emergency blanket (or thermal blanket) is used in emergency situations to keep a person warm by radiating their body heat back to them, and minimizing temperature loss to the environment.

Is a wet blanket a person who is fun to be with?

No. In fact, a 'wet blanket' is a person who is just the opposite. That is, someone who seems to destroy fun times and good moods, whether on purpose, or unknowingly. They are usually as much 'fun' as cuddling-up with a wet blanket, hence the term.

Who was the first person named Cowes?

the person who named the cow was named Henry Cow

What are the uses of a safety lab blanket?

Primary use is as a fire blanket- to smother a fire (including a clothing fire) by wrapping the person in the non-combustible blanket, can cutting off the air. and that it is the safe :)

Why is a blanket wrapped around a person who has caught fire?

Because wrapping a blanket around them starves the fire of oxygen - thus the fire is extinguished.

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