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Is there a pill that can cause a miscarriage?

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there is a pill that induces or causes a miscarriage but it is only prescribed by doctors. Either this pill is prescribed for a "missed abortion", a pregnancy that has not expelled itself from the uterus that is no longer viable or for a medical abortion in which you choose to terminate the pregnancy. Contact your local abortion clinic or OBGYN to discuss your options further. It is not safe to take or do anything to try and terminate the pregnancy on your own. Good luck. Remember it is your body and your decision.

2006-08-18 14:57:37
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Can you have a miscarriage from the after pill?

You mean the morning after pill? No that does not cause miscarriage.

Is there a medication that can cause miscarriages?

Although I am not sure if you mean intentional or unintentional miscarriage, I know that there is a pill that is an "abortion pill" that does, indeed, cause a miscarriage.

Will taking the pill while pregnant cause a miscarriage?

no but it can cause birth defects to the baby. Miscarriage can not be enforced by a person's actions or by tablets taken unless they are obviously dangerous drugs. The pill won't cause miscarriage but bear in mind it MAY cause birth defects.

Can birth control cause a miscarriage after one year of being entirely off the pill?

No. The pill are just hormones that control your cycle and if you haven't been on them a year they would have no direct cause for a miscarriage. Some thing other cause your miscarriage. See your doctor.

If im already pregnant will the morning after pill cause a miscarriage?


What pill can you take to cause a miscarriage?

None, it's a myth.

Can the morning after pill cause miscarriage on a 1 month old pregnancy?

No it can not.

How far on do you have to be to take the vitamin c pills to cause a miscarriage?

Vitamin c does not cause miscarriage, you just pee it out. Nothing you can take, unless you are prescribed the abortion pill, will make you miscarry.

Can you have a miscarriage while on the pill?


Already pregnant before taking the morning after pill will it cause a miscarriage?

It probably will if I understand the "morning after" pill. I also think they won't give it to you if you are all ready pregnant .

Is there any pill taken to cause miscarriage during the first weeks?

Yes, a induced miscarriage is aka as an abortion and up to the 9th week it can be done using medication you get from your doctor. After that it has to be done by surgery.

Can gonorrhea cause a miscarriage?

It is possible, but not usually, for gonorrhea to cause a miscarriage.

Can a miscarriage cause vaginal irritation?

A miscarriage may cause vaginal irritation.

Can tea cause a miscarriage?

There are herbs you can make tea of that might cause a miscarriage.

Can physical activity cause a miscarriage?

No, normal physical activity does not cause miscarriage.

Can genital warts cause a miscarriage?

Genital warts won't cause a miscarriage.

Can HPV cause miscarriage?

HPV does not cause miscarriage. It does not affect fertility at all.

Can ibuprofen cause miscarriage?

It increases the risk of a miscarriage.

What pills causes miscarriages?

Many medications are dangerous in a pregnancy and can cause miscarriage but if you are looking for an abortion it's the abortion pill, Mifepristone, in combo with Misoprostol.

If you arent sure if you are pregnant is ok to still take birth control?

Make sure first since birth control pill can cause miscarriage.

Can drinking clear vinegar cause a miscarriage?

Vinegar if any kind can not cause miscarriage.

What are the chances of miscarriage if you take the pill while pregnant?

The longer you take the pill the higher the risk of damage to the baby.

Can LSD cause a miscarriage?

Yes. LSD is known to cause uterus contractions, which can induce a miscarriage.

Can the contraceptive implant cause a miscarriage?

The contraceptive implant does not harm a pregnancy and doesn't cause miscarriage.

Can the smell of cat litter cause a miscarriage?

No, the smell of cat litter cannot cause a miscarriage.