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i was taken to a club in 1982 called elephant on the thames by a friend who i have lost contact with, i have never been able to find it since

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What is the body of water that surrounds the London bridge in London called?

London Bridge spans the River Thames.

What is the capital city called that's on the river Thames?


How many bridges span the thames in london?

24 Bridges span the Thames in LondonThere are 24 bridges spanning the Thames in London

Is the thames river in London?

The River Thames flows through London.

Is Walton on thames in London?

Walton on Thames is near London but situated in Surrey

Which country other than England has a city called London on a river called thames?

There are several places that have cities named London, but none other than the one in England, are on a river called Thames. Other places include London, Ontario, London, Finland, London, Belize, and London, Nigeria. There are also 16 US states that have a city named London.

What was the famous castle in London called?

The Tower of London is the famous castle in London. It is located in the center of London, along the bank of the Thames river.

Is there another place called London but not England on a river called the thames?

Yes. In Ontario Canada

What river is the British capital situated on?

London is situated on the River Thames (pronounced 'temz'.

Is the Thames the biggest river in London?

The Thames is the only river that flows through central London.

How many miles is the river thames to London?

The River Thames flows through central London.

Where the thames river is found?

The Thames runs through London

Where is Thames river Edinburgh London?

The Thames goes through London, England. Edinburgh is in Scotland, not England.

Where is the Thames River and what major city is on it?

It's in England and goes through London.Answer 2It is called the "River Thames", not the other way around.It is wholly within England. It flows through Oxford and London.

Is the Thames barrier linked to the river Thames?

The Thames Barrier is a flood prevention barrier on the river Thames east of London. Its purpose is to prevent London flooding at times of exceptionally high tides.

Where are London Docklands in relation to the river Thames?

London Docklands are on both the north and south banks of the river Thames in East and southeast London.

What rivers in London start with T?

The River Thames flows through London, England. The Thames also flows near Oxford, Reading, and Henley-on-Thames.

What does the London bridge cross?

The River Thames in London.

Where is the thames river located on a map?

Find London on the map and you will see that the river Thames runs through London.

When was London Borough of Richmond upon Thames created?

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames was created in 1965.

How many miles is London from the Thames river?

The River Thames runs through London on its way to the North Sea.

Where is the river thames found?

The River Thames is found in London, England

What river runs through London?

The River Thames.the thames =D

What country is thames in?

The river Thames is England, and is the river that London is built on.

What city was built on the Thames River?

London is one of the cities on the Thames.