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Is there a rare berry in Pokemon pearl?


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Yes, there is a lot of rare berries, just talk to peuple and there will be some who will give you one!

Try pastoria city, there is a lady there who gives you rare berries!


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The main rare Pokemon in pearl is palkia

It is possible to obtain a Custap berry in Pokemon Pearl. To get it you have to trade from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald version.

i think that the best Pokemon you can ever have in Pokemon pearl is Empoleon or Palkia not rare^ rare^

Yes, Yanma is actually extremely rare in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond.

Yes there is rare candy in pearl

at pastoria city this lady that is in the house right next to the place that starts raining will give you a very rare berry each day i got: Chople berry Something that started with "ye" (it was yechea or something) Colbur berry

Starf berry is the most rarest berry,

What rare Pokemon store?I never saw one in my Pokemon pearl game.

Either a charti or a chilan berry or second best a wiki berry

Tyrogue is a moderately rare Pokemon in diamond and pearl. But you can get one by breeding a hitmontop with a ditto

It can only be obtained in amity square in hearthome city (or lady in pastoria), it's very rare to find though.

Starf berry is a super rare berry in pokemon, and powers up pokemon's attack in battle. the effect will go out after the battle

Its very rare in Pokemon pearl.

There is only one berry house throughout the whole of Pokemon diamond/pearl but there is a flower shop where you can get free berries in floaroma town.

in the pokecave you have to find the rare pearl

The Salac Berry is a rare berry in Pokemon Diamond. It can only be obtained from distribution events that had legendary Pokemon holding them. These events are no longer being ran or support for Pokemon Diamond.

in Pokemon pearl the rare Pokemon are pa lkia and lucario and in platinum there is azelf uxie mespirit dialga palkia and giritina and manaphy prince of the sea

Lum berry the are awesome well that is my opinion anyway good luck ;)

Amity Square(walk 200 steps and your Pokemon might be holding the berry)

Rare Pokemon? I suppose, Ledgendarys are rare, Palkia. Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf. Altaria are kinda rare, Garchomp are rare. -Hope I helped

You can do that by keep on battling with that Pokemon, or using a specific type of berry.

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