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No, Camp Half-Blood is a fictional training camp for demigods in the "Percy Jackson" book series by Rick Riordan. It does not exist in real life, and there is no official Camp Half-Blood located in Michigan or anywhere else.

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"Camp half-blood" is a fictional place, from the series of "Percy Jackson" novels, by Ricky Riordan.

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Q: Is there a real camp half blood in Michigan?
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Where is the camp half blood near North Carolina?

Camp Half blood is not real. Sorry. But there is a camp Half Blood in New York and Texas. I Have Been It's great!!

Is there a real camp half blood?

No. Camp Half-Blood is merely a fragment of Rick Riordan's intelligent imagination.

Where can you buy Camp Half-Blood necklaces?

No where. Camp Half Blood is not real (along with the Greek monsters, Men and gods).

What is camp half bloods phone number?

Umm camp half blood is not real there for it does not have a phone number

Is there a real camp half blood in Florida?

No but there are others in the U.S.A

Is camp half-blood in long island wildwood real?

I'm afraid not. At least, not that any of us know of. But 99% no.

Were is camp half blood in real life?

Camp Half Blood is on the north shore of long island. Long Island is on the east shore of New York.

How do you get to the real camp half blood?

I wish there was a real one i would go there myself

Where is camp half-blood in real life?

It doesn't exist. (sadly)

Where is a real camp half blood in the US?

Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141 Long Island, New York, 11954

How do you sign up for camp half blood?

copy/paste this URL: NOTE: 2010 summer session is sold out. this is the website for the bookpoeple day camp in Austin Texas, not camp half-blood as described in the book

How can you become a counselor at the real Camp Half Blood?

Camp Half Blood is a fictional camp for so called "half bloods" in the book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. If it did exist, you would have to have an Olympic god as a blood relative. That is assuming Olympic gods exist at all, which is debatable. If you have indeed found a real camp named Camp Half Blood separate from the one in the book series, then I would suggest going to them to find out their qualifications for their counselors, and asking for a resume.