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want to know if my car is on a repo list

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Q: Is there a repo list in Illinois to see if your car is on it?
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How many nuclear plants are in Illinois?

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Is ther a list of peoples' names on a car repossession listing in Illinois that i can pull up on computer?

Check and see if you are behind on your payments. If you are behind, you are likely on the lists.

If you bought a car in Virginia and can no longer afford it can you do a voluntary repo and not have your wages garnished?

A repo is a repo, voluntary or not. Do not do a voluntary repo or any other repo. Terrible idea!!! Call the lender and work something out. See if you can find someone to take over the payments or possible sell the car to another part and pay off the loan. If you are upside down on the loan, then sell the car and borrow the balance to pay it off. Having your car reposed is a very bad idea. Your credit will be ruined for 7 years. You will also have the pay the difference in what the lender sells your car for and the balance on the note, plus repo fees. Do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening. I can assure you the lender does not want to repo your car. Call them!!!!

Can repo man drive by house in undercover car?

Yes, a repo man can drive by a house in an undercover car. They employ various means to see where people are hiding their cars and are usually allowed to take them unless they are in a private garage.

Can a repo man proceed with repo after being ordered off property if he does not have a court order?

They can if they have an order for repossession. You can ask to see the order, and if they do NOT have the order, then they can not take the car. The repossession would become invalid without the order to take the car.

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Will a repo man wait outside your house for you all day or night to see if you move your car from the garage?

Probably not all the time, but you will never know when he is there. Simpler to just pay up or let them take the car. Why deal with the hassle. It will not ruin your credit forever. Yes and no. it depends on how determined he is or how much he is getting paid to repo your car. He might just wait until he spots your car on the street and bam! Gone... He might even break into your garage or get a warrant to repo the car from the courts. Depends on what kind of guy he is... So pay the bill and it won't get repo-ed.

Should you see if your bank will repo your car as you just can't keep making the payments and when you do they are late you have had the car for 4 month now you know it will make your credit bad?

I need to know how long does it take the bank to repo your car if you are 2 payments behind. Can I make arrangements to make a payment next week

Is there a reward to tell where a repo car is at?

Generally no, though the company may give you one. They are not obliged to. Perhaps see related links....You can get a reward.

Which is the most efficient car currently in the market?

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Does a repo man need to see the VIN number on your car before he can take it?

Why not just make the payments and avoid to whole thing? He will take the car based on more than just the vin#.

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