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Full text of The Temple on Bukit Jong-Folktale

Bukit Jong is a hill in Malaya. On top of this hill is a temple. Now here is nothing peculiar about the temple in the hill, but what makes this temple strange and different from others is that on its top there is a ship. Why there is ship on top of the temple of Bukit Jong, the following story tells. The widow Halimah lived with her son, Ali, in a little hut by the river near Bukit Jong. Ever since her husband died, she had to toil hard to toil to earn for a living for Ali and herself. When Ali grew up, he decided to try his luck in the city. He dreamed of giving his old mother a beautiful house with a big garden and many servants so that his mother would not have to work. When Ali's mother learned about his plan, she was grief-stricken. "Don't leave" she said. "I'm contented with our life as it is. What need do I have of servants and a beautiful house? I'm happy working for you." But no amount of persuasion could stop Ali. Determined to get rich, Ali worked himself to the one in the city. He was fortunate, for indeed, he became rich. He also met Yusof, the richest man in the city, who had a beautiful daughter named Fatimah. He married Fatima, and when Yusof died, Ali became as rich and famous as his father-in-law. Ali wanted to show Fatimah the place where he was born. So he bought a beautiful ship and they journeyed to his birthplace. Bukit Jong remained unchanged. There were still the swaying coconut palms bordering their peaceful village. There were still the simple huts where the village folks lived. "Is this where you lived when you were a little boy?" asked Fatimah. "Yes," replied Ali. "Is your mother still here?" she asked. "We will go and see her" So they rode in a boat to the land. Ali's mother saw him from afar and she ran to meet him. "O Ali my son" Ali looked at her. How the years have changed her mother! With her old lined faceand shabby clothes. Ali could not dare introduce her to Fatimah. "Who is she?" said Fatimah "Is she your mother?" "No" Ali said. "That is some old woman who is not right in the head. My mother is dead." Then he pulled his wife back to the ship. Ali's mother was taken aback and very angry. She climbed to the top of Bukit Jong and prayed. "Almighty Allah. My son Ali refused to acknowledge his mother. See what he had done!" Then the sky became black. There was a flash of lightning and a storm arose. The seamen saved Fatimah. But Ali was burnt up and the ship went down to the sea. Fatimah and the people built a temple on the top of the Bukit Jong so that all men may know that they should love their mother and help them when they are old.

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Q: Is there a ship on top of temple ion bukit jong?
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