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A Quarterhorse lives on average of 20 years, but have commonly lived to be upwards of 30 years.

the quarterhorse is the most common

yes especially if they are trained right

Yes, as long as it is recognized as a pet (your Quarterhorse might have to go).

The most famous Quarterhorse halter horse is probably "Impressive"

He was a Buckskin in coloring but was probably a Quarterhorse Tennessee Walker mix.

quarterhorse , thougthbred(race horse,cant spell).American Quarter Horses

The Mexico spanish version would be... pequeño

small version of the 250

AnswerThat would be the version number of whatever product/device it is on.The small v means version.

they usually race thoroughbreds or appendixes(thoroughbred+quarterhorse) your welcome!!!!! madison m.

a horse's headstall is measured by horse "type" ie: pony, cobb, thouroghbred, arabian, or quarterhorse.

A small version of a plane

It is a small version of the american eskimo dog.

It is a small version of the solar system

a yummy fruit, like a small version of a blueberry

The piccolo, which is a small version of the flute.

"They're Off" French term used in quarterhorse racing.

If registered yes, a TB/QH cross is called an Appendix Quarter Horse. They have their own association.

No, because Quarter Horses were not the first horse breed. They were instead, bred by two different breeds.

five horses to play Secretariat-four thoroughbreds and a quarterhorse.

A small version of a picture that links to a bigger version of the same picture is called a thumbnail.

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