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There is no spoon.

Yes there is. I just picked up some at the spoon store. They're filed under J for Jello. You really should learn the system.

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how do you say spoon in spanish

Which spoon is the oldest spoon in the world?

that oldest spoon in the world is the carving spoon

What is a slotted spoon?

A slotted spoon is a large spoon with holes in it.

What energy is in the spoon when the spoon is heated?

There is no spoon, so the question is meaningless.

How do you say 'spoon' in Spanish?

'Spoon' in Spanish is 'cuchara.'

Is a tbsp a big spoon or a small?

table spoon is a big spoon

Is a desert spoon bigger than a tablespoon?

No your desert spoon is the smallest spoon and your soup spoon is the mid size

Accurate meaning of there is no spoon?

The spoon is part of a reality that does not exist, therefore there is no spoon.

Is it on the spoon or in the spoon?

on the spoon

Can a spoon melt in a microwave?

a plastic spoon will, but don't try a metal spoon.

Which is shorter a spoon or a fork?

A spoon

What is The Big Spoon?

a large spoon

What is the function of a wooden spoon?

what is the spoon

What does a spoon weigh?

depends on the spoon

Is a dessert spoon a tea spoon?


What is compound word for spoon?


What exactly is a spoon engine?

A Spoon engine is a high rpm race engine, and it is called a spoon engine because its made by Spoon.

Why consomme soup is served with dessert spoon?

Consomme soup should not be eaten with a dessert spoon, but with a boullion spoon, which is the round bowled spoon we now commonly called a soup spoon. Soup was eaten, and still is in silver service, with soup spoon which is very similar to a table spoon and about the size of what we now call a table spoon.

What kind of spoon is a soup spoon?

A soup spoon is a spoon with a deeper, larger and more rounded bowl at the end of it designed for eating soup. You can learn more about the soup spoon at the Wikipedia.

How many ml in a dessert spoon?

There are 10ml in a dessert spoon. (And 5ml in a tea spoon.)

What is a horn spoon?

A horn spoon is a cow's horn shaped into a spoon to clear out gravel.

What is dinner spoon and their uses?

dinner-spoon is a spoon that you use to eat with and its used with your hands

What is perforated draining spoon?

Perforated draining spoon could refer to a slotted spoon or egg spoon. They are used to lift food from liquid, allowing the liquid to drain, leaving the food in the spoon.

What is the plural spoon?

The plural of spoon is spoons.

How does food get to your spoon?

you put it on the spoon with your hands