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According to Dragonball AF manga (which is a fan created thing in Japan) there is a SSJ 5 Goku because it picks up at where Dragonball GT left off previously. The manga has been translated into English and looks pretty legit too. In addition, the story plot goes on to say that Goku even attains a SSJ 6 level to defeat a monster called "Ezizo" with universal shattering powers and abilities (according to Dragonball Wiki) who would make Omega Shenron look like a whimp out of a child's bedtime story. Unfortunately, these stories are not accepted as apart of the cannon Dragonball story but if they were- Goku would be the most freakin' powerful being in existence because his power levels enter a godly status and he gets enhanced abilities/techniques too.

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Is ssj 5 Goku real?

I'm pretty sure that's there no ssj 5 goku because in all the series mostly goku is just a regular ssj

What site can you get Goku ssj8?

Goku in SSJ 8 is not real, Goku has only gone as far as SSJ 4.

How can you play as ssj2 Goku in limit?

easy when you are ssj goku when your transform bar is full press the left bumper when your ssj goku then you will turn into ssj2 goku.

Who is stronger goku ssj 10 or broli ssj?

well broly was dead during the time but if i had to guess i think easily ssj 10 goku

Are there super saiyan 5 Goku?

No,and,yes. SSJ 5 Goku is real in Japan,but,in America it's only fan-fic.

Who is DBZanto?


Is ssj 4 vegeta stronger than ssj 4 goku?

goku would actally beat vegeta,so yes goku would win.

Does Goku turn ssj10?

No Goku does not turn SSJ 10 nor do any other characters, the max is SSJ 4 which only Goku and Vegeta reach.

Does Goku ever go ssj 5?

Yes. In the Dragonball AF parody series.

Is Goku super saiyan 5?

No he isn't, he only goes upto SSJ 4.

SSJ3 Goku vs mysitc gohan?

manga: gohan anime: goku manga : Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks > SSJ Gotenks > SSJ3 Goku anime : SSJ Goku > Gohan if you see the filler inside buu Goku say they strong as the real one but still if go by manga SSJ Gotenks is enough for SSJ3 Goku

Is Goku able to turn ssj 10?

There is ssj 10 in dragon ball mg

Top ten strongest db z gt charicters?

1. ssj4 gogeta 2. goku shenron 3. lssj3 brloy 4. ssj gogeta 5. ssj vegito 6. super omega shenron 7. syn shenron 8. ssj4 goku 9. ssj vegeta 10. ssj ape baby

Who is stronger ssj goku or ssj vegeta?

No its Goku Because ha can use lots of power like 8 arms attack spirit bomb etc

When will Goku be an ascended ssj?

He does around episode 149.

Does Goku gt have a ssj2?

NO because he as way more power cause his tail there's only ssj 1 ssj 3 ssj 4 and ssj 4 fusion

Who is stronger gotenks non ssj or ssj3 goku?

ssj gotenks because power level is 1.500.000.000 and goku's is it is 420.000.000 more than ssj3 goku

Who is stronger ssj5 gohan or ssj5 goku?

Gohan ssj 5 but gohan was first who unlock ssj5 Then goku unlock ssj5

Can goten defeat Goku?

Goten cannot defeat goku....goku can go ssj4....goten can only go ssj

Who stronger Goku or king vegeta?

goku of course king vegeta cant goe ssj

Is Skips and Goku the same person?

Skips is goku ssj 8, who travel back in time.

Who is stronger goku ssj 10 or gogeta ssj4?

Goku ssj10 since to fuse or use the potara need to be equal power level. Let me put it more simple....gogeta ssj4= goku ssj 4 + vegita ssj4....=goku ssj8. Goku ssj8 vs goku ssj10...well goku ssj10 wins

How do you get ssj5 Goku?

you basically cant its fake goku cant go further than ssj 4

Is Meta Cooler stronger than Cooler?

Yes, Meta Cooler is much stronger than Cooler. Cooler in his 5th form was defeated by SSJ Goku; however, Meta Cooler was defeated only by SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta at full power.

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