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Is there a ssj 5 Goku?


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September 13, 2011 6:12AM

According to Dragonball AF manga (which is a fan created thing in Japan) there is a SSJ 5 Goku because it picks up at where Dragonball GT left off previously. The manga has been translated into English and looks pretty legit too. In addition, the story plot goes on to say that Goku even attains a SSJ 6 level to defeat a monster called "Ezizo" with universal shattering powers and abilities (according to Dragonball Wiki) who would make Omega Shenron look like a whimp out of a child's bedtime story. Unfortunately, these stories are not accepted as apart of the cannon Dragonball story but if they were- Goku would be the most freakin' powerful being in existence because his power levels enter a godly status and he gets enhanced abilities/techniques too.