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its electronic cause of the distributorless ignition.

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Q: Is there a tach cable or electrical sensor for 1989 V6 5-speed Cavalier Z24?
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How do you replace oxygen sensor on a 2001 rav4?

Find your Sensor, un-screw it 7/8 the wrench usually. Un-hook the electrical cable. Screw in the new Sensor then hook up the electrical cable...

Where is the speedometer cable on a '94 Chevy S-10 and how do you replace it?

If you have a electrical speedo you don't have a cable. Change the speed sensor in the trans.

How do you replace an oxygen sensor on a 2000 cavalier?

Caution:On models equipped with Delco-Loc 2 or Theftlock audio systems make sure you have activation code or lockout feature is turned off * Disconnect the negative battery cable * For access to the downstream oxygen sensor raise the vehicle and place it on jackstands * Follow the harness from the sensor to the electrical connector then unplug the electrical connector from the vehicle harness * Carefully unscrew the sensor from the exhaust manifold

What should be the distance between controle cabledatatransmition cable and electrical cable?

what should be the distance between instrument cable and electrical cable

How do you replace shift cable for 01 cavalier?

The shift cable on an 01 Chevy Cavalier is replaced by removing the retaining screws, removing the cable from the shifter, and pulling it from the vehicle. A new cable can then be locked into place and bolted down.

What country manufacters electrical cable?

Most industrialised countries manufacture electrical cable.

Why the electrical cable contract during cold weather?

the electrical cable become tight

Where is the speedometer cable located 98 Chevy cavalier?

There is no cable, the speedo is run electronically.

Is there a Diagram of where the input speed sensor 2002 sonata?

There is a diagram in the transmission section of an electrical trouble shooting manual. The input spd sensor is on top of the trans, and is under the shift cable bracket.

What is Cable type electrical service?

cable tv

Where is the speedometer cable on an h22a?

It is electrical. Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) on top of gearbox sends signal to ECU which sends signal to gauge cluster.

Does a 1999 dodge neon have a speedometer cable or a sensor?

A sensor.

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