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Not while you are pregnant, that I know of, but after the baby is born you can have the baby, the mom and the possible fathers tested. It's usually a very simple test and takes a week or two to get the results back.

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Q: Is there a test when pregnant to find out who the father is?
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Can i get a DNA test while im pregnant?

I'm assuming that your referring to a paternity test. A paternity test is a DNA test used to find out the father of a child. It is possible but you must discuss it with your doctor.However, if you were referring to checking your DNA, then it is entirely possible and safe to do while you are pregnant.

What will happen if a lady became pregnant after intercourse with two males?

She will still be pregnant but not know which one is the father of the child. If she is concerned she can have a test done with the two males to find out which one it is.

How do you convince your babys father im pregnant?

Take a test and then show him

How do i no if im pregnant?

Get a test kit and find out.

How can you get a free pregnant test?

Where can i find a free pregnancy test from a doctor?

Will medicenters send you for blood test if you ask so you can find out if your pregnant that way?

Yes medicenters will send you for a blood test to find out if you are pregnant. But a urine test would do the job.

How can you find out if im pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test.

To find out you pregnant instead of a pregnancy test what can you do at the house to find out if your pregnant?

There's nothing reliable, get a test instead. They sell over the counter, no big drama.

How to find who is the father of my baby?

DNA test

You cheated on your boyfriend and you found out you were pregnant who is the father?

This can only be determined by a DNA test to find out who is the father of your baby. Unless you are willing to do this (and your boyfriend or any lovers you have are willing to be tested) then don't blame your boyfriend.

If two guys came in you how long before you would feel pregnant and how do you know who is the father?

It's different for every woman when she feels the pregnancy. To find out who the father is you take a DNA test after birth.

Im pregnant i dont know who is the father how can i find out?

U need to remember who u had sex with last time and ask him for a blood test then u willl find out who is the father. dr damely new york city hospital

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