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Hum, not sure if you can actually plaster a fiberglass pool. The glass would have to be removed first. You will have to consult a pool builder, a company that installs fiberglass shells or a company that installs fiberglass in plastered pools - thus converting a gunite/plaster pool into a gunite/fiberglass pool. The later uses the old pool shell as the sub-grade or foundation so to speak.


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Q: Is there a video on how to replaster a fiber glass pool?
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How do you restore pool steps?

How do yo resurface or replaster and old pool

What is better to have a swimming pool sand blasted or stripped to have it replaster?

Sand blasting is not the answer to a good prep for a replaster job

How much does it cost to replaster a pool?

How big(area) is your pool ? 15/30

What is the average cost of a fiber glass swimming pool?


What is the best way to reline a fiber glass pool?


When is the best time of year to replaster a pool?

The best time of year to replaster your pool is around springtime. You do not want the weather to be too hot. You also want to make sure that it will not rain.

What is the shell thickness of a fiberglass pool?

defined thkness of fiber glass for purpose of moulding in interior designing? defined thkness of fiber glass for purpose of moulding in interior designing? defined thkness of fiber glass for purpose of moulding in interior designing?

What are the steps to replaster a gunite pool?

The fittings might need to be replaced. The plaster can be applied over the old plaster. Remove the lights and covers and tape them up. A pool plasterer would give you info on the replaster. It's not really necessary to talk to a pool builder about this, but the plasterer.

Swimming Pool Builders?

form_title=Swimming Pool Builders form_header=Swim laps at home with your new swimming pool! Find a builder in your area. What shape of a pool would you like? =_ Do you want the pool level or do you want a deep-end? = () Level () Deep-End () Unsure Are you interested in a concrete or fiber-glass pool?= {(),Concrete,Fiber Glass,Other,Unsure} Desired Completion Date=_

Can you replaster a gunite pool as a do it yourself or do you really need a professional to do it?

Check out this web address: This homeowner in Florida replastered his pool and has written about his experience.

When should you replaster your pool?

You would probably replaster if your pool shows signs of the plaster degrading, blistering, discoloration - heavy copper, black or brown stains, is rough to the touch, is causing cuts on your hands or feet. Most obvious visual signs that are not pleasing to look at.

How much would it cost to replaster a 16x30 pool?

I live in North Texas, just paid 3400.00

Do you need a license to replaster a swimming pool for compensation?

All contractors should be duly licensed and insured.

Do you have to replaster the whole pool if several leaks were found during the first plaster?

When was the replaster job done? Were there leaks before the "first" plaster job? Were those leaks determined to be in the walls of the pool or in the plumbing? To answer your question - most likely - yes. Hmm, what do you mean by several? Ken

How much would it cost to replaster an inground diving pool that is approximately 32x 18 feet 10 ft deep?

As of 2014, the cost replaster a pool ranges from $3.22 to $3.68 per square foot. A pool that is 32 by 18 x 10 feet deep equals 1,576 square feet. This would put the minimum cost at $5,075.

How do you put fibreglass on a swimming pool?

Best answer.... Don't fiberglass... Fiberglass pools come as one structure. Replaster or get a new liner....

How long does it take to replaster a pool?

This depends on the condition of the existing plaster, Up to a couple of days for some one that knows what they are doing.

Is there any type of glue to repair a pin hole leak on a fiber glass pool pump?

I've done that with epoxy on a few occasions.

How do you repair small- and medium-sized surface chipping problems at the bottom of your empty in-ground gunite pool?


Is it more practical to tile a pool than to replaster?

So long as the grouting is done correctly a tiled pool is much easier to keep clean and looking uniform. other then that there isn't that much difference.

How do i stick tile to fiber glass pool?

The tile is adhered with silicone rubber and grouted with a different type of silicone rubber. You can get products and free instructions @

What material is used to filter out the small pieces of dirt?

The fiber glass in air filters. The nasal hairs in your nose for breathing. The pool filters in pools, etc

What can you do about very rough bottom and sides in your concrete pool?

Replaster the pool and keep the water chemically balanced (PH, alkalinity level etc..) this will keep the plaster from pitting thus keeping it smooth for a longer life.

How do you get deep blue water in a pool?

A darker colored plaster will cause the water to look "deep blue". If you're talking about an existing pool you would have to replaster or paint the surface. If you're talking about an above ground pool you would need to replace the liner.

How do you remove calcium in a fiber glass pool?

If you mean calcium deposits at the water line, you can contact a professional who uses mineral salt instead of glass bead blasting. Here is a list of service professionals