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When was the replaster job done? Were there leaks before the "first" plaster job? Were those leaks determined to be in the walls of the pool or in the Plumbing? To answer your question - most likely - yes. Hmm, what do you mean by several?


2007-08-06 23:08:48
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Can you plaster over primed drywall?

No, you plaster or mud it first.

Is there a video on how to replaster a fiber glass pool?

Hum, not sure if you can actually plaster a fiberglass pool. The glass would have to be removed first. You will have to consult a pool builder, a company that installs fiberglass shells or a company that installs fiberglass in plastered pools - thus converting a gunite/plaster pool into a gunite/fiberglass pool. The later uses the old pool shell as the sub-grade or foundation so to speak. k

For the first coat of plaster on wire lath plaster of Paris is mixed with what?


Can you use pool paint if the plaster is damaged?

Yes,you just need to patch the plaster first.

Can you plaster over old plaster?

Yes you can. You must first paint over the old plaster with a product such as Eucoweld, which chemically adheres the new plaster to the old.

Why calcium sulphate hemihydrate called Plaster of Paris?

Because it was first found in Paris and it is also used as a plaster

How do you repair a large area of plaster in a gunite swimming pool?

Break out the old plaster and plaster over the area to seal the plaster surface. It is best to lower water level in the pool first but there are patch materials that work under water.

Can you drywall over plaster walls?

You can, but if the plaster is uneven at all, you should nail on 1x4 first to mount the drywall onto.

When do you apply land plaster to peanuts?

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The colonists faced many hardships during their first several months in he New World. They suffered from disease, hunger, and lack of adequate shelter.

What was the first pavilion in centennial park made from?

It was made from timber and plaster

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It is a fresco made of dry plaster, a method of painting on plaster that is dried first and painted on later. Comparing this to the Minoan method of painting on wet plaster, this method did not do well in preserving the fresco as the fresco would fall off with the dry plaster if it cracks.The wet plaster made it easier for the paint to be absorbed as depicted in the Minoan artwork, the Bull Leaping scene, found in Knossos.

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When did plastering become a trade in aust and New Zealand?

When did Plaster first come into Australia

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Which mineral makes plaster harden?

First you need to recognize that "plaster" is not a singularly defined material; it is a family of quite different materials that harden by different mechanisms. The three most common plasters are (1) Plaster of Paris, (2) Lime Plaster, and (3) Cement Plaster.(1) Plaster of Paris is CaSO4.H2O, a partially-dehydrated form of Gypsum, which is a hydrated Calcium Sulfate crystal CaSO4.2H2O. When Plaster of Paris is mixed with water, it re-hydrates and turns back into Gypsum, which then hardens into a material similar to mortar or concrete but considerably softer. Water is the material that makes Plaster of Paris harden.(2) Limestone When exposed to atmosphere the Calcium hydroxide turns back to limestone, causing the plaster to set.(3) Cement Plaster is a mixture of Portland Cement powder, sand or other filler, water, and either Plaster of Paris or Lime Plaster. Due to the great variety of minerals that makeup Portland Cement and Cement Plaster, the hardening is a complex process that cannot be ascribed to the action of any one of the ingredients.

How do you make plaster casts?

Here are 3 sites with instructions on how make casts, the first 2 are for simple hand, foot, ect., #3 is a little more involved:* Plaster Track Casting Procedure - Beartracker's Animal Track

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How do you determine what kind of paint is on your swimming pool?

First you have to determine if is in fact a painted pool. If it is a plaster pool then usually there is no paint unless it was painted because of age and damaged plaster. You most likely do not want to paint a plaster pool - have it acid washed to clean plaster. Not sure how to determine what type paint. You would have to have the paint chips anaylized to determine if it is a chlorinated base paint or epoxy paint. Ken

Can you sand black algae off a plaster pool and paint it first with a primer and then with an epoxy paint?

yes you can

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