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None to the best of my knowledge.

2006-09-03 04:20:28
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Who can get flood insurance?

Anyone.You don't have to own the property in order to get flood insurance.The waiting period for flood insurance is 30 days, unless the insurance coverage is required from your bank.

If you have medical insurance now but have pre existing condition can you still obtain medical insurance?

You can still have the insurance but it may not cover the condition due to a waiting period. Most insurances have a 1 year waiting period for pre-existing condtions but after that year you can be treated. Some insurance policies do not have a waiting period. So it all depends on the insurance and the policy you have. You need to contact the insurance company with your group and policy numbers to find out more info on the contract.

Can you get insurance if you are not pregnant but are trying to conceive?

The simple answer is Yes. You can obtain health insurance if you are trying to conceive, you are actually even able to purchase health insurance in the event that you are already pregnant. But (and it is a BIG but) you should be aware that almost allhealth insurance plans will place a waiting period on maternity coverage.A waiting period is the amount of time from the start of a plan where you are not eligible to claim for treatment for a specific condition.If, for example, a maternity benefit on a health insurance plan has a waiting period of 10 months; this means that you will not be able to claim for any treatment that you have received in conjunction with your pregnancy if it was obtained before you were on the plan for 10 months.The waiting periods concerning maternity are different with almost all insurance companies. Some plans will stipulate that you only have to be on the policy for a certain period of time until you can claim treatment, while others will impose a waiting period until conception (typically 12 months).So yes you can obtain insurance, but you may not be able to claim for the treatment, depending on the policy conditions of the plan that you purchase. I recommend talking to a broker or an agent who will be able to give you the best option for your situation.

Is a reliable site to purchase from?

still waiting for my purchase...have you confirmed ig this site is legit.

What is the purpose of a quick bridging loan?

The purpose of a quick bridging loan is to enable a person to complete the purchase of a property when they are still waiting to sell their own home. It provides a short term solution.

What are some features of HCF's health insurance?

There are many different HCF insurance products to choose from. They have family planning, young couples, even pet and travel insurance. Some companies will even wave the usual two to six month waiting period. Insurance is a very personal. Make sure that the coverage provides all the necessary requirements that fit your indivual needs.

At what time does an insurance policy go into effect?

In most cases an insurance policy for a car goes into effect the moment the first payment is made. In the case of medical insurance there might be a waiting period based on the insurance company. Life insurance usually goes into effect after the first payment is made, but there might also be a waiting period before benefits will be issued.

What is waiting period on guns in Texas?

Like many states, Texas has no waiting period to purchase rifles, shotguns, or handguns.

What are the benefits of having an irrevocable trust?

The property is no longer vulnerable to your creditors, your heirs or your personal income taxes. After a waiting period, it cannot be used to disqualify you from entitlements. You can choose how the income will be distributed and how the property will eventually be distributed when the trust is terminated. However, you cannot get the property back. An irrevocable trust should be drafted by an expert in trust law.

Is Calyx Financial Corp personal loans a scam?

I'm Waiting For An Answer...

How long after you divorce you have to wait to get married in Iowa?

In Iowa, there is no waiting time to be remarried after a divorce. There is a three day waiting period after the purchase of a marriage license.

What is waiting period in life insurance?

Waiting period may refer to the period of time from when you apply for coverage until you actually are insured by the policy. In addition, some graded benefit life insurance policies do not have full coverage from the first day you are insured. These graded plans may have full coverage after a two year waiting period.

You have policies with Peoples Security insurance how do you go about rendering these since your husbands recent death?

Waiting for answer.

If you backed into another car on private property then panicked and left can you call the insurance company now more than five days later?

yes, do it NOW.......waiting will only cause you problems, be honest and your company will more than likely handle this..........

Do any insurance companies have less than a 10 month waiting period for maternity coverage?

There are some insurance companies that offer a 9 month waiting period for short term disability insurance. You want to make sure to apply well in advance of your conception date anyway, just in case your pregnancy does not go full term.

Know Your Waiting Period For New Health Insurance Coverage?

Buying health insurance online can often make policies much less expensive, which makes the Internet a great tool for health insurance buyers who are looking for more coverage. However, be careful when buying additional health insurance coverage. Check for a waiting period on your policy. This is a period that you'll have to wait before your new coverage becomes active, so it's a very important part of any new policy. Knowing your waiting period can make it easier to assess the overall value of your new health insurance coverage and make buying medical insurance a simpler process down the line.

Is insurance necessary when a car is for sale?

Only if it's still being driven while waiting on a buyer

What are examples of Gamma distribution in real life?

Waiting time until failure. Modelling insurance claims.

Can a Personal Representative rent out or lease a home of the estate while it is waiting to sell?

The executor has the responsibility to maintain the value of the estate. In some cases this will include renting property. If there is any doubt about whether this is a good idea, they can request permission from the probate court to do so.

What isproperty and casualty claims adjusting?

What is the qickest way to prepare for a job interniew involving property and casualty insurance? I really need to know exactly what is P&C and how it is investigated. What is property and casualty claims adjusting? An insurance claims adjuster is hired by an insurance company, independent insurance adjusting agency or the policy holder to settle property and casualty damages or loss. A good example of property and casualty claims adjusting would be hurricane Catrina. Thousands of homes, cars, and valuables were damaged and lost. In order to help home insurance policy holders rebuild their homes, insurance companies send in the insurance claims adjusters to settle how much damage occurred and decide how much money will be required by a policy holder to cover the damages. Many times insurance companies prefer to contract independent insurance adjusters to ward off any suspicions that the insurance company may have a hand in having the adjuster estimate the loss to be a lot less than it actually might be. If the settlement leads to a dispute, a policy holder may hire a private insurance adjuster to re-evaluate the initial claims assessment done by an independent insurance adjuster or one who is an employee of the policy holders insurance company. What is the fastest way to get an insurance property and casualty claims adjusting job? Take an online insurance claims adjuster training course and exam with an approved provider in your state. The online exam which is followed by the course, will save you time from waiting to schedule the state exam and appear for it. Once you have taken the online adjuster license course and exam, your credits will be reported by the provider to the Texas Department of Insurance and you will be free to find a job in your state. The good thing with Insurance property and casualty claims adjusting is that you can go from state to state and there are no limits to how many claims you can adjust as long as you satisfy the state licensing requirements. Example, the Texas Insurance Claims Adjuster License will allow you to work in about 30 states apart from Texas because of it's licensing standards. You can start applying to insurance companies, independent insurance adjuster agencies or become a private insurance adjuster.

Where can I get a personal loan while waiting for a lawsuit settlement?

Consider taking out a lawsuit settlement loan instead of a personal loan. Visit for more details!

What is the waiting period for purchasing a home after filing bankruptcy if a mortgage was included?

There is no specific waiting period. You can purchase a home as soon as you reestablish your credit to the satisfaction of any proposed lender.

What are the advantages of online homeowners insurance?

There are some advantages in purchasing homeowners insurance online. This would include being able to compare prices instantly with other insurance companies, rather than waiting for a call back from a broker.

Will the at-fault party's insurance pay for a rental car while im waiting on my car to be fixed?


What does the term transfer from insurance mean on a medical bill?

While waiting for your insurance to process your claim, it is listed in our billing software as insurance responsibility. Once we have received the payment and/or eob (explanation of benefits) from the insurance, the amount due from the patient is then transferred in our system to the patients responsibility. We are literally transferring the responsible party from the insurance to the patient.