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what you can do is go to a local electronics store and they sometimes have a box that will let you hook up to five units and i have also seen them at local dollar stores

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What televisions work for PlayStation 3?

Any that have at least a video and audio plugs

PlayStation 3 can be connected with any tv?

That is correct only if the TV has at least RCA plugs. The PS3 does not connect to the TV by coaxial to the cable or antenna input

Do you need high definition tv for playstation 3?

You don't need an HD tv. you can use the standard red,white, yellow composite plugs.

How do you connect Playstation 3 on a TV?

With either the A/V cable that came with the PS3 that has 3 color coded RCA Style plugs for your TV or you can purchase an HDMI cable for the HDTVs

Can you use a Playstation 3 with only 2 plugs?


What do you do when your Play Station 3 only shows a black screen no audio or video?

Make sure the red/white/yellow plugs are plugged into your playstation and into the tv

What is the wire called that you plug from your playstation to the tv?

I believe the most commonly used wire would be an RCA cable.The cable should have 3 plugs, yellow (video), and red and white (audio).

How do you hook up my playstation 3 to a vizio tv?

Plug in the 3 color coded RCA style plugs or purchase a HDMI cable. It's not the brand of TV that matters, but the connections that are in the back of the set. If you don't have any spots to plug anything into buy a new TV to go with your PS3

Do you have to have a special type of television for the playstation 3 What equipment do I need to hook the PS3 up to my television?

Well i have an Xbox 360 and i have a CRAPPY tv. So you dont need any special tv or anything, unless you plan on using the Blu-Ray. As far as the equipment goes it should have inclueded all you need for the PS3. You need a TV that has Plugs for Video and Audio. The PS3 includes an A/V cable, but for HD reception you must purchase a cable to fit the plugs on your HDTV.

Do the PlayStation 2 Drum set for Guitar Hero World Tour work on the PlayStation 3?

If you have the one that plugs in through the USB port then it might work.

What would cause a DVD player not to work through a television?

you must specify what equipments you have connected.if only DVD+tv, check the video out from DVD to tv.Answerthe only thing it can be is the Yellow video cord. Either the cord you are using is bad or one of the plugs on the DVD player or tv is bad.

Do you need three plugs for the PlayStation three?

The Sony PlayStation 3 requires a single electrical outlet to plug into. It is also connected to the TV and that also needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The cable that comes with the PS3 to plug into the TV is an A/V cable with 3 RCA type Plugs to Plug into your TV one for Video and Two for Audio and it has an HDMI plug to go into the PS3. Optional Component cable have 5 RCA type plugs to connect to HDTVs and the best HDTV connection is made with a HDMI cable. Another cable is plugged into the USB port and is used to connect the Dual Shock 3 Controller to the PS3 for charging with the Mini USB plug for the controller

How do you move playstation 2 saved games e.g on a ps2 memory card to a playstation 3?

You will have to buy the adapter that plugs into your USB port which will let you plug the memory card into it.

What can you do for a TV with no video?

For a TV with no video imput u could go and get a RF-modulator this plugs in to the back of your TV in a cable plug in and has video and audio plugs it also has a plug for a cable wire.

I have an original Atari game system I forgot how to connect to a television can you help?

Dangit...I think I used to have one of those. Are there the red, yellow, and white plugs with it?

How do you connect a PS3 to a television?

The PlayStation 3 has two video output ports, labeled HDMI and AV MULTI OUT. The AV MULTI OUT port is capable of outputting to AV, Component AV, and S-Video, with appropriate adapter cables. All PlayStation 3 systems come packaged with an AV cable, while the Component AV and S-Video adapters, and the HDMI cable are sold separately.AV Input can be identified by having three separate, colored plugs of the same design: Video (Yellow), Left Audio (White) and Right Audio (Red).S-Video can be identified by having three separate, colored plugs, with the video being larger, with multiple pins. The coloring system is the same as AV.Component AV can be identified by having five separate, colored plugs of the same design: Y (Green), Pb/Cb (Blue), Pr/Cr (Red), Left Audio (White) and Right Audio (Red).To connect the PlayStation 3 to your television that has an HDMI port, simply plug one end an HDMI cable into the PlayStation 3's HDMI port, and the other end into your television's HDMI port. Keep in mind that your television may have more than one HDMI port.To connect the PlayStation 3 to your television that has AV inputs, simply plug the AV MULTI OUT end of the cable into the AV MULTI OUT port on the back of your PlayStation 3, and plug the AV end of the cable into the appropriate inputs on the back of your television.To connect the PlayStation 3 to your television that has Component AV, or S-Video inputs, you will need to purchase a separate cable adapter. This cable has a plug for the PlayStation 3's AV MULTI OUT port on one end, and the appropriate connectors for your television on the other.In all cases, ensure your television is set to the proper Input or Channel, based upon the port you have connected the PlayStation3 to.

How do you charge a PlayStation 3 controller?

Charging a PlayStation 3 controller is a lot simpler than you might think it is. With a PlayStation 3 comes a cord that plugs a controller into the system. Hook it up and your controller is already charging. If it is not, one of three things is happening: 1) The cord is broken or faulty. 2) The controller is broken or faulty, or the battery needs to be replaced. 3) The system is turned off. If you address all these problems and the controller is still not charging, contact Sony.

How can you clean your PlayStation 2 lens without opening it?

You cannot clean your PlayStation 2 lens without opening it. You will have to turn the machine off, unplug all of the plugs and open it to get to the lens.

Can you connect a Playstation 3 to a non hd tv?

The A/V cable that comes with the PS3 will connect only 480i standard reception and you must purchase an optional cable or HDMI cable for HDTV anyway. The cable is color coded and you plug the RCA style plugs into your TV in the inputs or aux

Does PS3 play only on an lcd or plasma television?

no my boyfriends bro plays on his in his room and that's just a normal telly not even a widescreen The PS3 looks best on a LED LCD HDTV and on the largest size screen the room will support. It will work on TV that has any of the Plugs to allow connection including HDMI, S Video Component or A/V RCA plugs although you may have to purchase the PS3 cable to allow connection. That means you can hook up a PlayStation 3 to Front or Rear projector TVs, TVs with Picture tubes, Plasma or LCD TVs, ETC.

How do you hook up a DVD player to a TV with only one cable plug on the back of it?

You can route other things such as your cable through the DVD player, or you can buy a splitter, whichs connects more than one object on one side and the other side plugs into your TV.

How do you plug a computer into a speaker system?

what do the plugs look like that would normally plug into your TV? (I am assuming there are just two cords, one red, one white)

Where on the engine block of a 1987 Nissan maxima are the coolant system drain plugs and after you flush the system do the drain plugs have to be replaced?

Ive never heard of draining coolant plugs except on a diesel engine . Once you drain the coolant and flush the system it should be fine

If i buy a US Wii can you use it in the UK?

The short answer is no. The UK uses different AC voltage and plugs from the US, and also a different television system (PAL) from the US (NTSC). These are not compatible. (Television programs traded back and forth have to be converted, to be watched.)

1996 Buick Skylark has a coil system for the plugs is there still a firing order which the plugs have to go in?

Yes, you still need to make sure that the plugs are firing when it's their turn.

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