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There is a way. You have to have a voice recorder and ask the spirits questions and see if you caught any activity (you have to have an improved recorder).

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Q: Is there a way to contact spirits?
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Do spirits talk? depends on the person weather if they can hear spirits or not, but in my opinion, I think spirits can talk!Some people can contact spirits, talk to then, and yeah...Some people can even see spirits, I think...I MEAN, I was born with my talent of spirit seeing and spirit contact/talking.Maybe you ALSO have the ability...

Why do ghost contact you?

ghosts contact humans because they want to see what a living soul does. some angry spirits come to humans to abuse them just because they are dead and you are not. restless spirits come to humans for partial help or direction to why it died, how to get to heaven, etc. most spirits are different from themselves, yet most claim to be angry and restless spirits both at the same time. this means that they either call to you so that they can physically harm you, or they physically harm you to get attention so that you can help them. either way, these are all why ghosts contact humans.

What are people who speak to spirits called?

I think the term you are looking for is "mediums". Mediums Contact Spirits Using Their Physic Energy Of The Paranormal.

How do the Navajo contact their spirits?

They don't. Big taboo, unless your a witch.

Does the ouija really work?

Apparently, some people have come in contact with spirits.

Are the ghosts that are wondering around bad?

If there are, indeed, ghosts running around, there really is not a way for us to know if they are in good or bad spirits. The only way to know would be to make contact, if even possible. Some suggest making contact, when ghosts are thought to be around, is a very bad idea.

Are bad spirits black?

Spirits cannot be seen, therefore they are of no color. By the way, God is a spirit.

What history of event does Halloween relate to?

All hallows eve, which is the day when spirits are free to roam the earth...pagans follow this holiday to find the spirits and contact the dead

Can mediums be friends with ghosts?

Yes, they have their guides which they are freinds with and then guides can help contact with other spirits

What is it called when you sit in a circle and contact spirits?

I'm pretty sure that's called a "seance".

Is there a way to bring spirits into your house?

weegie board

Why doesnt a ghost from an ouija board leave you alone?

Ouija boards get the player in contact with evil spirits. That is why.