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not really because all furniture weighs a different amount... you would have to weigh each piece of furniture before you put it in the container.

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How do you determine cubic weight?

There is cubic volume or there is weight but not cubic weight.

How much does ocean salt water weight?

There are a number of variables which will determine the exact weight. It is generally accepted that the weight is 64lbs per cubic foot

How do you estimate the weight of furniture?

I found a website that will help you. It has a list of types of furniture and you just add in the number of each type of furniture that you need a weight estimate for, then click on "Click here to view totals" and it will calculate the total number of cubic feet and weight for all of the items that you entered. Just click below:

What is the volume of a three feet square carton?

12 cubic feet

How do you calculate cubic feet of a carton?

You measure length, width and height.

What is the cubic meters of a 450 x 450 x 750 carton?

If the dimensions are in cm then: 4.5*4.5*7.5= 151.875 cubic meters Which seems to be a very large carton and even bigger if the dimensions were in meters

Formula for pounds per cubic foot?

Density is pounds per cubic foot. The formula to determine density requires that you first determine the cubic feet. You do this by using the formula length X width X height. This is calculated using inches. You then calculate the density by taking the weight of the item and dividing it by the cubic feet of the item.

What is the weight per square foot of granite?

Granite is figured at 168 pounds per cubic foot. If you know the thickness, you can determine the weight per square foot.

Convert cubic feet into cubic metres?

Multiply cubic feet by 0.0283 to determine cubic meters.

What is the volume of a carton if its base has a width of 19.5 cm and a length of 74.28 cm the height of the carton is 32 cm?

19.5*74.28*32 = 46350.72 cubic cm

How much cardboard in 1 liter carton and in 2 liter carton?

The most compact design is a sphere but that is not stable. The good compromise is a cube. A cubic carton will require 600 cm3 for 1 litres and 952.4 for 2 litres.

What is the weight of a cubic foot of uranium?

A cubic foot of uranium has a weight of 540,85 kg.

Height of a milk carton?

height is 11 cm.It has capacity(volume) of 176 cubic centimetres

How many cubic meters in 15 ton of soil?

There needs to be more information given, specifically what type of soil and what the moisture content is. If you have a sample of soil, try weighing a known volume. A 1/2 gallon milk carton measures about 10cm by 10cm. If you cut it off 10cm high, you have a volume of 1000 cubic cm. If you weigh this, and multiply the weight by 1000 you will have the weight of 1 cubic meter.

How much weight is 120 cubic centemetres?

cubic centimetres is volume not weight. if it is water then it would weight 120 grams

What is the weight of one cubic inch of lead?

1 cubic inch of lead has a weight of approx 13.11 pounds weight.

What is the weight of 1 cubic meter of asphalt concrete mix?

what is the weight of cubic meter of asphalt

How many cubic meter does 30 20 5 tons of sand weigh?

The weight of sand (or anything else) is not measured in cubic metres!The weight of sand (or anything else) is not measured in cubic metres!The weight of sand (or anything else) is not measured in cubic metres!The weight of sand (or anything else) is not measured in cubic metres!

What is the volume of a carton that measure 12 cm Long 9cm and 12cm high?

1296 cubic cm

How will find weight of steel in cubic foot?

Weight measures the pull of gravity on the mass of body and cubic foot measures volume. You cannot convert the weight of anything to cubic feet.

What is the weight of salt water of one cubic meter?

what is the weight of salt water of one cubic meter

What is the cubic weight of dirt for 1920 cubic feet?


How do you convert the cubic meter to weight?

Convert cubic meters in kilograms? No can do. Cubic meters is a volume, kilos are weight. Unless you know the density you can't get an answer.

What is the volume in cubic inches of a cardboard carton 18 inches long8 inches wide and 15 inches high?

18" x 8" x 15" = 2,160 cubic inches = 1.25 cubic feet

What is the weight of a cubic meter of concrete weight?