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There is no way to get antivirus protection other than downloading and/or installing software on your computer. The software must be only the computer to protect it.


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Antivirus applications are used to stop hackers from downloading viruses and malware onto your computer. They can also be used to remove any viruses that have been put on your computer.

It's an annoying way of downloading and installing maplestory on your computer.

Well if you have an Antivirus protection it will probably tell you that its going to get rid of them and then they will be gone. Now if you don't have antivirus protection then get one that is like popular or something cause if you get one of those wierd named ones you've never heard of then you might be downloading another spyware into your computer!

Someone can avoid installing adware spyware programs on their computer by avoiding installing random things from the internet and only installing things from the official website of a program. Also, install an antivirus program on your computer.

Downloading unlicensed software programs online is one of the most common culprits of viruses, malware, and Trojans. You can reduce the risk of infecting your computer by installing a comprehensive antivirus and scanning program on your computer--Norton and AVG are two of the most popular options.

Anti virus protection protects your computer from viruses and hackers. The anti virus will also tell you weither a website is safe or unsafe of viruses.

There are a number of reliable brands of software for computer protection. These include McAfee, Norton Antivirus and specific products for Mac computers.

Most recently, Kapersky, BitDefender, WebRoot and Norton antivirus have been rated as the top four companies for antivirus protection. The type that is best for you depends on if it is a business or home computer that you would like to protect.

Must an antivirus program! everyone who has a computer should have an anvirus program to give his or he computer real-time protection. Now one of the most popular antivirus is Shield Deluxe 2010 - Antivirus & Anti-Spyware, which combines reactive antivirus and spyware detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with the most effective protection against malicious programs.

Downloading and installing the Adobe Flash Player to a personal computer allows you to view multimedia, execute Internet applications and stream audio or video.

There are many names that you can trust for your system's protection. See the links for some of them.

Each antivirus uses up about 5% of your ram when it is not running. if you install more than one anti virus your computer will become extremely slow

You can scan your computer for virus without downloading any software. You can do it online. visit...

Downloading means getting and installing a program from the internet onto your computer. Uploading means sending stuff onto the internet for other users to download.

Try downloading another antivirus or doing a free scan at Get a better antivirus software like Norten or reinstall the program of your computer.

Webroot is another form of an antivirus. It provides the user with an antivirus to protect their computer console from the many evolving viruses out there.

No, McAfee virus protection is not hardware. Instead, it is a software program. Hardware is the physical parts of a computer, but software is computer code. So an antivirus program is software, not hardware.

By getting Norton Antivirus and turning on SONAR protection, and download intelligence.

It all depends on the level of protection you are looking for on your computer. It ranks average compared to other antivirus software. It has a small footprint so it doesn't demand too much preformance from your computer, you can use it without the wait of updates. It comes with a wide array of protection for the whole computer.

Avira is a company that provides free antivirus software for computers. Having good antivirus protection on a computer is of vital importance and Avira is a good place to find that kind of protection.

Avira Antivirus protects a computer from virus, malware and Trojans. Basic protection is available as a free download. The paid version also provides web protection and live support.

Some viruses are able to turn protection off. Use another antivirus program to check your computer. If you are sure that everything ok try to uninstall the antivirus and install again. If it didn't help call support if you paid for antivirus. Or it the antivirus is free pick another one.

Get an antivirus protection like from Microsoft of something . if you get an antivirus that you have never heard of it might not work or maybe its a Trojan or spyware being downloaded into your computer. :]

There are many unknown dangers when downloading free antivirus software. They can be viruses themselves or in many cases give a sense of false security. Free antiviruses are very for viruses to sneak past and end up in the users computer.

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