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yes there is :)

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you go to the pet's house you want to give a gift to and drag the item you want to gift her/him to his/her room.

if you want to send a mesage go to the pets house and click the paper if a gift then click wardrobe or chest and give the gift

I don't think you should if you weren't invited to the wedding. In polite society, gifts are NOT to be expected. If you want to send a gift it is up to you whether you get an invitation or not.

yes cause i dyed a wig for my friend and was able to send it to her

you go to your friends and you see it says send gift or feature but u click send gift by deyahni guerrier

Yes, they can but you can't send one back if you're not a member. To send a gift it costs Rox and you have to be a member to access Gift Island.

Only paid members can send gifts as gifts can be bought at the Gift Island. If you are a paid Moshi Member then, on the map, choose the Gift Island location, then, enter the Gift Shop. Click on the gift you want to send and write a message. Pick the friend you want to send the gift to and click on "Send".

Go to the gifting section and select the gifts you want to send and neighbors to send it to.

Only moshi members can send gifts on moshi monsters 1st go to your gift list only if your a member if someone sent you a gift press send a gift back got it

add me.. send me ur zwinky username and password log back on after 5 mins =] i dont hack trust me

you have to go to the gift shop then go home and ul find ur gift inside ur gift box go to some one and click on his name and send it or if u have a gift its going to say send a gift back click send a gift back and send it BY THE WAY THIS IS MEMBER } please add me my name is taman45

Its impossible to send it apparently.

To send gifts in farmville you will need to click on the radio button which can be found underneath the gift that you would like to send. Once you have selected the gift press send. It will then ask you which friends you'd like to send the gift to, click on the relevant people and press send.

There is many sites on Google that send gifts everywhere. I tried one site to send gift to my brother when he was not in India.

You can use online gift site like to send gift like flowers, Jewelry and other gift s at any corner of the world.

If you have not been invited to the wedding then you should not send a gift.

G4G means gift for gift... which means that you send someone who typed in g4g (probably on yoville) a gift and they send one back. some people though, abuse this power and when you send them a gift they go home. So always say you gift first. Your Welcome!

There is many sites that send gifts anywhere.

Send it in the post maybe? :)

if you send them the gift because of them being staff, then i dont think so, but if you sent them a gift unofficialy then it would be ok

You Hack a Member Account And Cancel The Membership And Send It To Yourself.

Click the present box on the right bottom corner, and then from your items choose what you wanna send, ** SOME ITEMS THEY DONT LET U SELL DONT KNOW Y **

You can't send seeds. The only things you can send are things from the gift shop at gift island which are only animations.

To get presents you have to have a friend who is a member and they have to send you one. If you want to send one you have to go to gift island and click on a gift and choose a friend to send it to.