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not that i have ever heard of!

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2010-05-01 01:08:54
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Q: Is there a way to make your breasts smaller without surgery?
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What kind of exercises make breasts smaller?

You can't make your breasts smaller with anything but a deduction surgery. Sorry.

How do you make your breasts smaller naturally without surgery or pills?

when you lose weight your breast decrease in size

How can you make your breasts smaller if you have lost weight but haven't lost any from your breasts?

Without surgery the only solution is to wear a good tight bra.

Will hulla hoopin make your breasts smaller?

No. There is only one way to make them smaller and that is surgery. If you are overweight they might get smaller if you loose weight.

Does pushing down on the breast tissue make the breast smaller?

No. It can temporarily make breasts appear smaller, but there is no way to decrease the size of breasts except weight loss or surgery.

Can exercises make your breasts smaller?

No they do not make your breasts smaller or larger.

How do you make your feet smaller without plastic surgery?

You should study the ancient Chinese, they made there feet smaller without surgery. But it did make the feet look awkward, and was very painful.

How do you make your nose smaller efficiently without cosmetic surgery?


How do you make your breast smaller if your already skinny?

You can't without surgery.

How can you make your nose look smaller without makeup?

plastic surgery

How do you make your nose smaller without surgery or makeup?

You can't make your nose smaller without surgery, but you can make it look smaller. One method is to apply contour color (powder or cream--powder is generally easier to apply) to either side of the nose and under the tip of the nose.

Will vomiting make your breasts smaller?


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