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Is there a way to make yourself dream about certain things when you are sleeping?

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The brain is the least studied organ of the body, but science is really working on it now. You can think about something nice (such as a guy you really like) but that's no indication you will have a great dream about him. Sometimes just in conversation with someone some mention of something will stick in your mind and you will dream about it. Go figure!

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What does it mean to dream you're standing over top of someone sleeping?

The "someone sleeping" represents yourself. The dream is nothing more than a vague awareness of being asleep.

What does it mean when you dream with mud?

It means that the mud indicates dirty things. You dream yourself with mud. This means that you imagine yourself with dirty things.

Why do you dream while sleeping?

You can dream of many things when you are asleep. You can also have more then one dream in a night. It is because of your thoughts.

What does it mean when you dream someone sleeping under water?

The "someone" in this dream probably represents yourself. Sleeping under water suggests that you are "in too deep" in some situation without realizing it.

Can you make yourself have a certain dream how?

I think, maybe. The thing you want to dream about, try to think about it a lot(your mind tends to go through all the things that you thought through the day, at night.)

What does it mean when you come out of your body in a dream and are staring at yourself sleeping?

Your mind appears to be using this dream to urge you to think more objectively about yourself. Another possibility is that you feel detached from your self for some reason.

How do you get Dream Eater in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can get a Dream Eater in Pokemon by achieving a certain level in the game. Once you have reached a specified level you can get the dream eater. Dream eater will attack the foes or enemies who are sleeping and steal their HP.

What does it mean if you dream about a lady watching you sleep?

sleeping in a dream means of your own spirit that are sleeping, and lady in a dream that are watching you sleeping means of opportunity that are waiting upon you woke up...

What could you learn to do on your sleep?

While sleeping you can learn a few things about your future courtesy of the dream that you will see.

What is the difference between someone unconscious and someone sleeping?

someone sleeping can dream but someone unconsious can not dream.

Is it impossible to not have a dream while sleeping?

No. You do not always have a dream.

When do you dream?

When you're sleeping

What does it mean to dream of a friend who is a man getting a nose job?

This rather amusing dream is actually about yourself. You are the person getting the nose job, and the dream illustrates your negative image of yourself. There may be things about yourself that need to change, but plastic surgery probably is not the solution.

What does your dream mean if you make up with someone in your dream?

By making up with someone in a dream, your sleeping mind is doing two things. It is suggesting a solution to your situation, and it is practicing that solution to feel how it might work out.

What are 5 good things about A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe?

that question is a matter of opinion. so no one could really answer it. so the only way to answer it is for you to read "a dream within a dream" and find 5 good things for yourself.

How to make yourself dream?

There are certain drugs that dream researchers use to induce dreams. You can easily research them and myth that may be true is that eating junk food before bed will help you dream.

What is a dreamhow can one dream while sleeping?

dream is thougt of someone which happened in daily life,that thing we watch while sleeping.

What does it mean if you dream that you are sleeping?

Wake up inside your dream then you could be in a lucid state and do amazing things (read Carlos Castañeda's books for in-depth experiences and some instructions).

When you dream a peaceful dream?

There is no symbolic significance to a peaceful dream. It merely reflects your relaxed, sleeping state.

What does it mean when you dream of someone you know but they look different in your dream?

This only means that your mind is using the idea of the person you know to tell you something about yourself. Depending on the context of the dream and how you felt during the dream, it might suggest that you admire or dislike certain characteristics in this person, or that you need / want to develop a certain trait in yourself. The difference between the real person and the way they appear in your dream might provide a clue; for example, you might see them as your hero or as a threat to avoid.

What does it mean when your parents kick you out of house in a dream?

Is there an issue between yourself and them that needs to be resolved since you are fearful of this happening? If not, then it is probably just a dream. When sleeping, we often solve problems that are happening around us while we are awake.

Why do you dream that you are sleeping with other people?

Well from personal experience as you get older you don't dream as much as you would when you are younger. If you are old enough to be "sleeping" with someone you usually don't dream about anything although sometimes when that happens to me I dream about the person sleeping with me or something that I am nervous about or something that I have to remember. I hope this covers the basics of your question.

What does it mean when you dream of someone watching you?

You are unsure about yourself, and that you are unconsciously wondering if you are doing things right in life

What does it mean when you dream of a fly buzzing?

It is very common to dream of things that happen to you while you are asleep. If you have to relieve yourself in the bathroom, you may dream about it. If there is an odor in the room while you are asleep, you may dream about it. So if a fly is buzzing around your face while you are asleep, you may dream about that. Another possibility is that the dream symbolizes annoyance. Flies can represent things that bother you. They are pesky and take away from things you enjoy such as eating.

How do you get the ship out of the bottle in captain crawfish's dream?

you lock the sleeping dudes on the cannons on the basket things and then you fire then you fight zeus and then win the island