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Is there a way to not get period cramps?

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Some women experience severe cramps with their period. These can be alleviated by using Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Advil or Alleve. Relief can also be obtained by starting birth control pills, this is probably the most effective, it generally makes the periods much lighter and stops the cramps. Some women find that aerobic exercise, running/swimming help minimise cramps,and I once read that avoiding citrus fruit for a few days before your period helps too, not sure how that works, but hey, if it works for you.

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Can you have period cramps when your not on your period?

Yes. It is possible anytime to get period cramps.

What does it means if you have your period but no cramps?

Many women do not have cramps with their period and most women don't have cramps after childbirth.

Do you get your period right after you have cramps?

no i get cramps during my secound day of my period

You didn't get cramps but you got your period?

Many women do not have cramps with their period and most women don't have cramps after childbirth.

Why do i still have bad cramps half way through my period?

Yes sometimes cramps hit you in the middle of a period, but that's the nature of the beast. You may be ovulating during that time. If you continue to experience cramps - seek a medical professional!

Do guys get cramps?

Yes they do.. thay do not get period cramps but they can get muscle cramps.

What if you have cramps but have not had your first period?

It is not uncommon have cramps before having your first ever period

Should you exspect your period after your first cramps?

No, you won't have cramps until you start your period.

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

What does it mean if i have a period with no cramps?

A cramp free period means you had no cramps, nothing more.

Period but no cramps?

Having your period doesn't mean you necessarily have cramps. Some women have periods with no cramps. It does not mean anything abnormal.

How do you stop period cramps?

is there anyway to stop cramps or help them?? i am talking about the ones you get with or before your period

Does it hurt when you have your period?

It depends on the person. I don't get cramps whenever I have my period, but others have serious cramps.

Why are you gettin cramps like period cramps but no period?

probrally because your period is kind of like a sign that your period i coming. BE PREPARE!!!

Can cramps in your groin be contractions?

yes that's cramps but the cramps feel the same as when your on your period.

When you have your period does it hurt?

Some girls get cramps when they have their period and thats what hurts. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to not get these cramps

Can you be pregnant and get your period and have cramps?

No, you can have cramps and spotting at the time for your first period after conception but not full menstrual flow.

Can you still get period pains when your pregnant?

yes you can. some pregnancy cramps feel like period cramps.

Do period cramps increase with age?

Not normally, period cramps usually get milder with age and stop after childbirth

Does everyone have cramps during their period?

Not everyone does, no. Every woman's period is different, so some get cramps and some don't, some experience awful cramps and others have barely noticeable cramps.

What if you miss your period but have period like cramps?

A recent study shows that period like cramps in a time span without your period is a 96% indication of pregnancy.

Why do i get menstrual cramps?

Cramps are a PMS from having your period. Im not quite sure why you get cramps but every girl differs. I tell you i do not get cramps. But cramps are a symptom of your period. There are other symptoms to like bloating, fatigue, and sore boobs. Hope this helped

Would you get cramps and headaches if your near your period?

i am not sure about headaches but u will get cramps if ur near ur period

Cramps after period?

Its normal I get them all the time after my period.

Why do you have period cramps but no period?

Go see your GP.

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