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The cam seal only has one job, to stop oil from leaking out. If they are not wet with oil they are probably working.

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Q: Is there a way to see if the eghuast cams oil seal is working properly with the timing belt off?
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Why does your car shake after changing the timing belt?

Your timing belt was not properly installed. It's probably off by a tooth or two.

How do you set the timing on a 1991 Geo Storm 1.6 after changing the timing belt?

I think that after you put on the timing belt alighned properly,that your distrib. makes up the diff. when you adjust it. Jim

How to adjust timing on 1993 Lexus LS400?

The timing is computer controlled, there is no adjustments. I know this is a little late, but timing could be off because the timing belt is not properly aligned. If the timing belt is installed incorrectly the timing will never be right.

What happens if the timing belt is not properly intalled?

In this case your car will give black smoke and it wont have much power to it and you have to get the timing belt taken off and set it up to its right place then put the belt back on it. Rememer your engine will be bit loud voice wise and if the belt was not installed properly.

Air conditioner is not working after timing belt replacement at Toyota dealership Can Timing belt replcement cause AC problem in 1998 Sienna 91000 miles?

Very unlikely, but if the mechanic didn't tighten the AC drive belt properly then that could easily be the problem. Your dealership should check that easily and for free.

How do you change the timing belt on a 2002 Honda Accord?

Changing the timing belt should only be attempted by and experience mechanic. The directions are very detailed and complex. Not properly following the timing belt procedures can result in ruining the entire engine.

How do set timing on 93 Honda civic?

93 civic has a timing belt... if its dual overhead cams, it is nessecary to find the timing marks.. set them properly to their marks as well as the crankshaft. once these are properly set slip your timing belt on and then find the mark for your idler pulley.. reinstall everything and drive away

Your 2003 kia spectra runs rough after timing belt change?

If the engine runs rough after a timing belt change, the belt may not have been tightened properly. It may also mean that the wrong timing belt was installed. Either way, it needs to be taken back to the mechanic.

WHERE are the timing belt marks on a 1994 Honda civic ex?

The timing belt marks on a 1994 Honda Civic are found on the cam shafts. The arrows will needed to be point a TDC in order to install the belt properly.

How do you know when your timing belt has stopped working?

Car Doesnt Start

Where is located a timing belt on a grand caravan 1999 3.3?

It does not have a timing belt. It has a timing chain.It does not have a timing belt. It has a timing chain.

Does a 1999 Honda civic have a timing belt or chain?

a timing belt a timing belt

Does Toyota matrix have a timing belt or timing belt?

Yes. Timing belt is correct.

Does the 2000 pacifica Chrysler 3.5 engine have a timing chain or timing belt?

It has a timing belt.It has a timing belt.

How do you check timing belt on Chevy S - 10?

There is no timing belt on any S10 or Sonama or Blazers or Jimmys, No matter if you got a 2.2 or 4.3 even some of the older s10s that had a 2.8 in them never had a belt. Its a timing chain. The timing chains you shouldn't have to worry about... Thats if you maintance your vehicle and drive properly.

Does a 1995 dodge caravan 3.0 have a timing belt or chain?

Timing belt.Timing belt.

What is timing mark?

marks on a timing belt, cam belt flywheel, etc. which must be synchronized together so pistons and valves will operate properly with out interfering with one another

Why would a 2001 Daewoo not start after replacing the timing belt?

Most likely the timing was not set up properly. You need to make sure that the cam and crank are properly timed and all of the electrical is connected properly, then it should start.

How do you set timing marks on Subaru?

Timing marks on the gears are aligned with marks on the belt. I have seen a Chinese made belt that had the timing marks on the wrong side of the belt so if it just doesn't seem that things are aligning properly, try transferring the marking to the other side of the belt, flip it over, and try again.

Does a 1994 tercel have a timing belt or timing chain?

Its has a timing belt

Does a 1997 Buick Park Avenue have a timing belt?

No timing belt but a timing chain

Does Mazda Miata have timing belt or timing chain?

Timing Belt

Does a 1991 Chevy cavalier has a timing belt or timing chain?

No Belt=It has a Timing Chain.=

Does a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 have a timing chain or a timing belt?

not have timing belt, it has chaing belt

How do you fill a check?

Separate issue, if you need too set the timing following a timing belt change or belt slippage then you have to set the mechnical timing of the motor. Go buy a Chilton or Haynes manual which will tell you where the marks are and you can properly set the timing before starting the motor.