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You haven't mentioned if the pool is a vinyl liner, fiberglass or gunite. What you will do is ruin the surface of the pool. Plan on replacing a vinyl liner, re-plastering a gunite pool and I'm not sure what effect dirt would have on a fiberglass. That being said: Drain and blowout all water in all the pipes and seal with threaded plugs. Remove the pump(s), filter and heater - all the equipment and drain and clean them. Remove any pool lights and turn off the electrical to the pool.

Answeror to avoid destroying the pool if you think you may want it later simply install a solid safety cover. balance the water and winterize the equipment check and adjust pH every few months

Rather then using dirt to fill it in use sand with just a layer of dirt on top for plants or grass

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Q: Is there a way to temporarily fill an in-ground pool only for a few years?
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