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Is there a web browser for the PSP?

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Yes, there is a Web Browser for the Sony PSP. It is located under the 'internet' Menu of the XMB (PSP Menu).

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How do you play RuneScape on the psp?

You can play RuneScape on any Web browser that supports Java. If you have such a browser on the PSP, you can use it and access the RuneScape website.

How do you close web browser on psp?

You click O then click Yes

Recover psp password for web browser?

you have to erase all the default settings

Where to get downloaded psp games from?

You get them from the Play Station Network and to get there on PS3/PSP, scroll right to the weird dragon/web browser looking thing and click shop. Happy Gaming!

Is web looker a web browser?

No , weblooker is not a web browser :)

How do you unblock your web browser?

Your web browser can not be blocked.

What web can you get a download in your psp?

only a spider web can get a download in a psp

What is the difference between web browser and web server?

A web browser is a software application that displays web pages and allows you to access information on the Internet. The difference between the web browser and a web server is that the web server sends information to the browser. A web server is a computer or program that accepts HTTP requests and delivers the pages to your browser.

Is psp lounge a scam?

Psp lounge is NOT a scam. It is a secured web site. You can see this in the browser bar. It is written https and not http. This means that it is secure. I have downloaded movies from that site and I never had any trouble.

Is Unix a web browser?

Unix is a text file, not a web browser. :)

What is DNS on PSP?

DNS is a portable device on your psp that support your internet browser.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was Web - web browser - created?

Web - web browser - was created on 2003-09-11.

What is web browser?

A web browser is a software for a desktop or mobile. It can be used to open web pages on it.

Difference between web browser and web authoring?

A web browser is for porn and i have no idea what the other is

Who owns chrome web browser?

Google owns the Chrome browser

What is need of web browser?

By the Web browser we can Surf the Internet. Browser is the a application software by this software we can read the web pages information means browser read the HTML pages.

Can you increase the overall memory used by your psp web browser?

as far as I've been reaserching the internet.. you can't increase the psp's internet memory

Which is the most populer web browser?

The most popular web browser is google.

How can you install full software of any web browser?

You Download The Web Browser.

Is Google Chrome a search engine or a web browser?

Chrome is a web browser.

Is windows explorer the best web browser?

Windows Explorer is not a web browser.


The list of the url in your web browser?

What is web browser and its importance?

You need a web browser in order to access the internet. If you didn't have a web browser, you wouldn't be able to go onto the internet.

What is web browser software?

Web browser software is software that will allow you to view web pages on the internet.

How do you clear a web browser?

A web browser can be cleared by clearing it's history from it. This can be done by Clearing the browser cache.

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