Is there a website where you can determine the value of certain makes or models of Barbie dolls?

Look at completed auctions on Ebay for prices, the value of Barbie dolls are based on condition and availability of the doll.

you might check then enter barbie they have alot of them for sale there. on barbie they list all the dolls and clothing with their product #'s so they are easier to look up on other websites. has name of dolls and time line listed

Got to eBay and see what they're selling for there.

I would say that it usually depends on the date that they were released, which would tell you how valuable each one is.

The barbies that are worth money are the unopened collecters dolls.

The Barbie doll wasn't designed until 1958 and wasn't on the market until 1959.
The Barbie doll wasn't on the market until 1959.

Yes, they are worth some money because they are collectors items.

I can't tell you the value of your doll, but I can tell you what is important and how to get info on it. Go to a large bookstore and find the collectors section and look for the collectors books on Barbie dolls ( there may be several). You will need to know the name of your doll, the year it was made, and the condition. If you still have a box and the papers that came with your doll it's value will go up. If the doll is well played with and missing shoes or items it's value goes down. Some years are considered by collectors to have more value and certain dolls are sought by collectors. If you have one of these the book will list the value of the doll when the book was printed. This may/could be lower today or higher today. The secondary market determines the value of items so these prices change ( a little like the stock market) all the time. Check in doll magazines are well for the ads in the back because collectors are looking for dolls and they often place ads for a particular doll. Antique stores are another source, but you need to know your doll value because the store will often give you a lower price than what the doll is worth on the secondary market. Before you sell your doll get educated about doll collecting because it will help you.
You lose a tom of money selling as a lot, sell them individually on an auction site.
In order to make the most amount of money, go to a pawn shop, or try selling it to someone who collects things like that.
depends which ones they are
you can sell your unwanted dolls to ebay or once upon a child
Ebay Is Possibly The Best Place
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Well, I don't really know. But, i think you can't make it more expensive then it was when you actually bought it. And, it also depends on its condition. I know my answer is crappy, but that is all i know ;)
The collector has the option to inform him- or herself online, as well as buy a book that has valuable information within it. If you're collecting for a long time, you should be able to tell when the barbie doll was made and thus estimate the value.
There are many websites where one can find prices of different Barbie dolls. Probably the biggest one is called "Barbievalues". There one can find a list of many Barbie dolls with it's prices and pictures.