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There are a bunch of Websites with a lot of Action Replay Codes.

Here are a few links:

They are all updated with the latest codes.

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Where can you get more action replay codes for Pokemon diamond?

THIS IS THE PLACE FOR THE WURST AR CODES EVER!!!! MY WEBSITE SUCKS! Diamond and Pearl Action Replay Codes ONLY -What the website is for

Can you use ZX Action replay codes on ZXA Action replay codes?

no u cant your action replay will frezze your game and when ever u try playing your game it will say data cant be read

How do you get the action replay codes on your computer?

Go to youtube or google and type in "action replay codes for (what ever game u want it for) (which gaming system you use) then look around and get the code

What do you do with your action replay CD?

You download the AR code manager and you can put codes on your Action Replay when the AR is plugged in and if your AR ever is corrupted you can update it!

How do you get mew in platinum without action replay?

This is the worst bloody website ever

Any action replay codes for DQM?


Where do you get action replay chaets?

Hey I have your answer, when you get the action replay card which is like 25 bucks. you have to get the codes. but don't worry it doesn't cost you a dime. just go to youtube and type in action replay codes for what ever game you have. But bevore you put a mob hit out on me you have to remember not all of the sources are good so just keep looking on youtube.

Do action replay codes freeze Pokemon games?

no. I know because I have A.R for Pokemon and its the best cheating device ever

Turn off action replay while deleting?

If you do that then ur action replay will stop working because it has happened to me and now i cant use my action replay so never ever do this

What are all the Action Replay codes for Pearl?

well um some people can't answer that question im very sorry who ever asked this but nobody knows only the people who made the action replay know im very sorry but sometimes in life it happens.

How do you add cheat codes to the action replay DSi?

Put your Action replay in your DS or DSI power it up let it lode when it is done put your game in then hit codes it will say (Pokemon Platinum) what ever game you have at the top it says **ADD new CODE** then you put in the code you are going to play with. I hope this Helps have a great day!!! :)

What is the best action replay code ever?

the mod cheat

What is the biggest action replay site ever?

there's 2 that i know of. they are: this one has codes for every console there is. this one has gamecube, ps2 and ds codes. i think they have others though.

How do you get mew on LeafGreen Pokemon without action replay?

You can never get Mew ever, that rumor has been going on for 11 years but you cannot get mew ever. Unless you use action replay

Do Nintendogs ever become adults?

Yes you can on nintendogs Dalmatian and friends. There is an action replay code. You can look it up on this website and it should say so.

What are all the action reply codes for animal crossing?

Look it up on or Google. Ign is the best gaming website ever.

Pokemon DS codes?

a Pokemon code is a cheat code it uses hexagonal code to create temporary effects like all shiny or full pokedex. you can harness this power by buying a action replay ds at zellers or a gameshark online. if you buy a action replay ds you can use pokesav to make the "magical" codes to create what ever you want!

Will there ever be a arceus event?

Actually,There already IS an Arcues Event,Use Action Replay to do this action :) no,the action replay doesn't work i have tried it with almost every U.S. code

What is the action replay code for regice?

you need an Action Replay to get him in diamond and pearl if ruby and sapphire and emerald he is in a cave this is the worst code ever. Latios222

What is the code for jirachi on action replay DS for Pokemon diamond action replay DS cheat code?

have ever tried looking online for these codes! there's a code on that will give any Pokemon in the mineing museum, find it and enter it your action replay then press L+R+Select before going in the mineing place and talk to the guy in the front desk ANd BOOM you have the Pokemon that you chose

What is the action replay code to make Mario as a Pokemon?

not now, not ever.

How Does Action Replay DS Work?

It's really easy to use. You simply insert the supplied Action Replay cartridge into your DS or DS Lite, and switch on. When prompted, remove the Action Replay card and replace it with your game card. Action Replay recognises the title in question and offers you the title's code list. It's that easy! They're great codes too. For example, codes for the ever-popular Pokémon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl include Max Cash, All TMs & HMs, Pokedex 100% Complete, Walk Through Walls, Infinite Health, One-Hit Kill and more.

Platinum how do you get every Pokemon ever made in platinum?

by using action replay

How do you cheat in Pokemon?

If you want to cheat in Pokemon, then you have to get the Action Replay, or get a book of cheats, or both. The Action Replay is not just for PKM. It is pretty much for ant NDS game you ever struggled with. (certain codes need to be entered, and they are just basicly random numbers, so they are very hard to remember, but you can look them up through Google.Only way to cheat it would be uhhh...action replay i got one buy it from codejunkies get it from the Europe site im not eourpe but the action replay is better and wont stuff ur ds up as much.;D

How good is Action Replay?

HOW GOOD? HOW GOOD?!?!? It's the best thing ever! You can do ANYTHING with it!

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