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Q: Is there a xploder sp code for shiny Pokemon in sapphire?
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What is the Pokemon emerald xploder shiny Pokemon code?


Shiny code for Pokemon FireRed on xploder?

one of them is abbbayxxyba

Is there a gameshark code for Pokemon sapphire to get all the Pokemon you have shiny?


Is there a gameshark code for Pokemon sapphire for shiny Pokemon?

Yes, but I don't know it.

What is the 6-digits game shark code to always catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Here it is : 123456

What is the Pokemon Sapphire gameshark cheat code to walk through walls?

And also what is the shiny Pokemon code? signed da zing 48

What is the action replay code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Sapphire?

Pokemon Sapphire Action Replay Code: Shiny Code: 8636B1D6 CA4AB2A9 18452A7D DDE55BCC Master Code (m): DE00AAFD 2EBD05D0 B4564EFE 23F44BF2

What is the Action Replay code for shiny Pokemon and M code on Pokemon LeafGreen?

the shiny Pokemon code for AR 1b3jt59xr438

What is the Pokemon emerald xploder master code?

the master code is 00006fa7000a 1006af880007 happy to help

In pokemon diamond does the ar code for shiny egg allow the pokemon to always stay shiny after it hatches?

Use the shiny Pokemon cheat code. That keeps the Pokemon that hatches shiny.

Where do you enter the shiny code?

you go to cheats then you click gameshark code then you type in master code then shiny pokemon if no master code just type in the shiny pokemon code a description

Is there a Pokemon platinum short shiny code that makes every Pokemon shiny forever?

...shiny Pokemon are always shiny... ._.

What is the Name for all Pokemon to be shiny and code for Pokemon Diamond using AR?

To get a shiny Pokemon, there is no code. Every Pokemon you find has a 1/800 chance of being shiny.

How do you keep Pokemon shiny after using all shiny action replay code?

You have to keep the action replay code all shiny Pokemon activated or else you can not keep youre shiny Pokemon. You have to keep the action replay code all shiny Pokemon activated or else you can not keep youre shiny Pokemon.

Is there a code to undo a shiny Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

yes you can get shiny Pokemon with action replay

How do you make your Pokemon shiny on Pokemon Diamond?

buy an AR and get the code for shiny pokemon

How do you catch shiny Pokemon with an action replay?

you need the Pokemon modifier code along with the shiny code

How do you get the Mystery and Aurura tickets using Xploder on Pokemon Ruby?

Use a code or something.

Pokemon Pearl shiny Pokemon code?

the code is 77777899992220

Gameshark pokemon shiny crystal?

The code for encountering shiny Pokemon is 910730D2.

What are the codes for xploder gba cartridge for the Pokemon?

these are the only codes I know of though to be honest xploder isn't really as good as action replay or gameshark so you'd be better off getting those cheat devices but here are the codes for deoxys, it should work for ruby, sapphire, emerald and it will defintly work for sapphire: the master code is: 0000B138000A 1003A82A0007 and the actual code for deoxys: 83007D220XXX XXX hope this helps.

Does the code for all shiny Pokemon work the same as the shiny wild Pokemon?

yes it does heres the code: 12068ac6000046co

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in sapphire?

You can find them anywhere. There is a 1 out of 8654 percent chance of finding one. I got a shiny loudred in victory road.( no cheat). You can also use a cheat code.

Shiny Pokemon cheat code for Pokemon Yellow?

Shiny Pokemon weren't invented until Generation II of Pokemon. So there is no shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow!

Is there a action replay code that makes Pokemon dark?

sorry but there is no code to make Pokemon dark only shiny heres the code for shiny Pokemon they are now pernament shiny only when code is on heres the code:makes everything shiny:12068AC6 000046C0 D2000000 00000000 your welcome

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