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Yes, there is! To use this code, make sure that you have the first slot in Box 18 completely empty. Using this code will override anything taking up that space! For a regular Ditto, the code is: B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

E001D260 00000088

F87F2671 CD800000

7071AF70 5B95825B

436BE4EC 0378FAA2

350F3748 E1F55F08

B016D80B D236617E

2E907939 E9A127CB

737108F6 8917AF69

EC8AEE85 2956A543

B36ADB84 9A9F0D63

18BD169C 6567B0A2

82718E98 E4728D56

0CC8C507 1F4EA5C3




60A2B548 FDADA706

D4816717 0ECF57BA

D2000000 00000000

For a Alternate Colour (Shiny) Ditto, the code is: B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

E001D260 00000088

8FC37FD3 CD800000

7071AF70 5B95825B

436BE4EC 0378FAA2

350F3748 E1F55F08

B016D80B D236617E

2FA37887 E89F26F5

8C8E09C5 8917AF69

D850E86B 2356A543

B36ADB80 9A9F0D63

18BD169C 6567B0A2

82718E98 E4728D56

0CC8C507 1F4EA5C3



1101E5FA FD4A96D5

5478B3A6 F7ADA706

D4816713 0ECF57BA

D2000000 00000000

You do not have to do anything in order to activate the code. Just input the code, access your PC, and the Ditto will be waiting for you in your last box. In order to maintain game balance, the Ditto's stats, moves, and levels have not been edited past their normal values, and the Ditto will appear legitimately obtained. This code has only been tested with the American version of Pokemon Diamond, and may not work for other versions or international versions. You can also legitimately obtain a Ditto by using your PokeRadar on Route 218.

To get the Pokeradar, you must have completed your Sinnoh Pokedex. You should take the legitimate option if you plan on using your Ditto for multiplayer battles.

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Can you breed on Pokemon a Ditto with a Darkrai Pokemon Diamond?

no sorry its impossible without an action replay

How do you clone Pokemon without action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

i have Pokemon diamond, and played 600 hours. its not possible. but you can catch a ditto, and make Pokemon eggs.

How do you copy Pokemon you diamond?

you can only copy Pokemon if you have action replay or i think gameshark. but you can copy pookemon only for a double battle if you have a ditto.

Where do you get Ditto in Diamond without using Action Replay?

route 220

Can you get a Ditto on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl even with action replay?

The only way I know of getting a Ditto is to migrate it from one of the GBA games and then catch it at Pal Park.

Disclaimer What is the action replay code to get a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond?

There are 3 ways to get ditto in Pokemon diamond. 1. You CAN catch a ditto in Pokemon diamond. I just forget where. 2. Migrate on from FireRed or LeafGreen. 3. Use an ar code that I forgot...It's a code to get 493 master balls in the items pocket. You throw away enough(in this case you throw away 361 to get ditto.)to get to the number of that Pokemon in the pokedex.

How do you you find a level 100 D itto in Pokemon diamond without the action replay?

migrate with a level 100 ditto then go to pal park

What is the action replay cheat code get a female Lucario on Pokemon diamond?

There isn't one. But you could try to obtain a ditto. And breed the lucario with the ditto until, you find a female. Pokemon Master & Lucario Biologist ~Bolt the lucario

Can someone give a short code for shiny ditto on action replay?

This code will make any Pokemon Shiny. This is probably safest instead of directly getting a Shiny Ditto. This is for Pokemon Pearl. 12068AC6 60000460 Ditto is located at Route 218, using a PokeRadar. Pokemon Diamond: 12068AC6 000046C0 Ditto is in the same location as Pokemon Pearl.

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen without Ditto?

yes, with the action replay go to for the codes

How do you get a Ditto in Pokemon pearl without an action replay?

use pokeradar on route 218

How can you get phione in Pokemon platinum without manaphy and Ditto?

Use action replay code..

If you use action replay to get a Pokemon then breed it to a ditto would the child of the two be considered a cheat or not?

yes it would because you used action replay

Where do you breed Pokemon?

You must put ditto and another Pokemon in daycare (You can't do it with ledgendary Pokemon unless you have action replay)

Where can you get chimchar in Pokemon diamond?

you can either start with him get an action replay trade and if you have the third evoltion of chimchar get a ditto and put it in day care hope I helped sorry if I didn't

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon pearl by using a action replay?

Get a ditto and whatever Pokemon you want 2 of.Put them both at the daycare center and soon there should be an egg of the Pokemon.[not ditto]

On Pearl can you make your own Pokemon?

you can breed Pokemon with a ditto to get a baby of the other Pokemon for example: Pikachu + Ditto = Baby Pikchu or cheat using action replay somehow

Is there an action replay code for Pokemon pearl to catch wild ditto?

yes it is f4d60000 0001ab23

How do you clone lengadery Pokemon in Pokemon platinum using Ditto?

Without an action replay, you can't mate dittos with legendary pokemon.

Is there any way you can nickname your migrated Pokemon on diamond without using action replay?

You have to breed that Pokemon or make it evolve. To breed, use the poke radar to get a ditto in the grass just to the right of canalave city.

Pokemon how to get shiny Ditto?

the only way to get a shiny ditto is migrating it from Pokemon e/s/r/f r/l g or catch it with an action replay code

What is the action replay code to get Ditto in Pokemon platinum?

I don't know, but i caught one in the trophy garden

How do you clone Pokemon in soul silver?

Use Action replay or if it is a non legend use a ditto and breed it

How do you duplicate legendary Pokemon?

get action replay or you put manaphy and ditto in the daycare it will turn out as phoine (u get manaphy from Pokemon ranger)

What is the action replay code for Ditto?

To anwer your question ill ask you a question at the end.First their is no way to get Ditto in your PC box .But in your national pokadex you can when it comes to the Pokemon game Pokemon Dimond and Pokemon Pearl by buying and using action replay.P.S what Pokemon game where you talking about ????????????? peace =]