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No i wish there was buuuttttttttttttt!! there is a code for ALL!! AND I MEAN ALL! 210 Pokemon for the pokedex and!!! PLUS!!! ALL!!! 493!!! Pokemon for the nationdex!!! :D or i think there is a code for all Pokemon in platinum? maybbbeee?? well i have all 493 Pokemon from my action reply dsi

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you have to purchase an action replay. then, you can type in and research Pokemon platinum action replay codes.

Action Replay Codes for Platinum, type in specific.

there are not action replay codes for gba only for ds and PC

yes i know you can do that type Pokemon platinum action replay codes on Google


go to or ; go to for codes; you can also request codes at

You need an action replay to insert codes for Pokemon platinum,pearl,and diamond.

you get the action replay for ds then you go to the Internet and look up action replay codes on Pokemon platinum

search platinum action replay codes then import the code to the action replay

Yes, there are several places you can find the random Pokemon Platinum Action Replay codes but is the official place for your Action Replay codes. For anything not there, I would just use Google.

As of now, no action replay codes are reported for Pokemon Platinum.

YES. there are billions of action replay codes for platinum. i would tell you some, but i dont use the action replay. (i suggest not to ethier)

Through an event or Action Replay codes

because your action replay is torn up or has a glitch.

Well you find codes and put them into your action replay folder for Pokemon platinum. There are different codes for different uses. Then you follow the instructions of each cheat when you start the game.

There are many different action replay codes in Pokemon platinum. If you mean the master code then you need to say where you game was made.

I HIGHLY doubt Pokemon Pearl AR cheat codes will work in Pokemon Platinum =]

well i thought that before but its 65645643756

When Pokemon Platinum came out, Nintendo prevented Action Replay from making cheat codes for platinum

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